ATO forces have killed more than 150 terrorists over the last day

Liga.Net- June 13, 2014

Terrorists killed in action in the border areas with Russia, near the town of Snizhne, Donetsk Oblast, and in other towns in Eastern Ukraine

Terrorists killed in action in the border areas with Russia, near the town of Snizhne, Donetsk Oblast, and in other towns in Eastern Ukraine

Over the past day, anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces have killed more than 150 terrorists in the zone of the ATO, said a LigaBusinessInform source in the ATO.

According to the source, the terrorists were killed in operations in the areas bordering on Russia, near the town of Snizhne in Donetsk Oblast and in other towns in Eastern Ukraine. “The operation continues. Liberation of the occupied territories is going according to plan. Morale of the soldiers is high,” the source said.

As a reminder, earlier the Ministry of Defense reported that Ukrainian special troops destroyed 12 military vehicles. The Defense Ministry also reported that over the past day, the terrorist side lost more than 40 militants who were transporting large quantities of weapons and ammunition of Russian origin. Continue reading


ATO forces cleaning up Mariupol From Terrorists: Video From The Town

Liga.Net – June 13, 2014


The active phase of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) began today at about 5.00 AM in Mariupol. The National Guard of Ukraine, and Azov & Dnepr-1 Battalions participated in the operation. The area of active ATO ​​operation in the center of Mariupol is now sealed off. Roadblocks around Mariupol are secured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the Minister of Interior, all key strongholds of terrorists were taken under control. One armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle (BRDM-2) has been destroyed as well as multiple terrorist sniper nests. Five terrorists were killed during the operation, and four wounded.

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Mariupol Electoral Commission Members Did Not Obey ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’

mariupolThe representatives of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ have showed up to the meeting of the electoral commission in the comprehensive secondary school number 64, and have demanded that they close down the polling station.

However, the members of the electoral commission did not obey, saying: – “Nobody was interfering with your referendum, now do not interfere with our elections”. Continue reading

The games of Putin and Akhmetov


Putin does not need the Donbas in Russia. Putin does not need the Donetsk and Luhansk “republics” either. In both cases, Putin would be forced to support the Donbas financially from the Russian budget. And Donbas, with its current outdated, unreformed economy, especially if subjected to possible sanctions, would become a much greater burden for Russia than Crimea, Abkhazia  and Transnistria put together.

Putin, unlike many residents of the Donbas, understands perfectly well that the fiery speeches by representatives of the Party of Regions that “Donbas supports Ukraine” are a bluff. The Russian economy, which already is on the verge of stagnation, simply cannot survive such a burden. Furthermore, these options may bring about the third level of sanctions.

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Wahlbeteiligung beim ‘Referendum’: 10% der Wähler

unnamed_0Maria Prokopenko aus Donezk für, 13.5.2014
Übersetzung aus dem Englischen



Foto: Reuters

Experte: Die Mehrheit im Oblast Donezk ist für eine vereinte Ukraine

Am 11. Mai fand eine Pseudo-“Volksabstimmung” im Donbass statt. Die Bürger wurden befragt, ob sie die territoriale Integrität der Ukraine unterstützen, einen Anschluss an die Region Dnipropetrowsk oder sich sogar mit Großbritannien verbinden wollten. Die “Volksabstimmung” von Vertretern der sogenannten “Volksrepublik Donezk” erhielt die meiste Aufmerksamkeit. Es war nur eine Frage auf dem Stimmzettel: “Unterstützen Sie das Gesetz über staatliche Selbstbestimmung der Volksrepublik Donezk?”

Die “Volksabstimmung” der Separatisten fand in Schulgebäuden, lokalen Kulturhäusern und Zelten auf der Straße statt. Es gab Warteschlangen an einigen der “Wahllokale”, vor allem von älteren Menschen. Der Hauptgrund für das Gedränge war in der Tat die geringe Anzahl von Abstimmungsorten. Wählerlisten fehlten bei einigen der “Wahllokale”. Manchmal konnten sich die Leute an Ort und Stelle in “Wählerlisten” eintragen lassen, wenn sie ihre Pässe vorzeigten, und manchmal ging das einfach auf mündliche Anfrage. Einige Donezker Bürger stimmten mehr als einmal ab. Continue reading

Nikolay Khoroshkov: Shame On Mariupol

This is a post from Nikolay Khoroshkov’s livejournal. He is a landscape photographer from Mariupol and surely making political news reports is not his main job. However, he decided to write an article on what happened in his home town.

“This post is not about politics but about our society in general. As you know, Mariupol became “famous” May 9th. Many people have seen photos and videos from the place. It is hard to comment what the media tell because they work some political orders and show only their owners’ point of view. Continue reading

Angebliches Flugblatt aus Mariupol protestiert gegen das separatistische Referendum


Schickt ein großes DANKESCHÖN heute an die Terroristen der Donezker Volksrepublik für die Verhinderung des Zugriffs der Menschen auf ihre Privatbank-Bankkonten, für die Verhinderung, dass die Rentner ihre Renten erhalten und die Staatsbediensteten ihre Gehälter bekommen!

Gestern haben sie das Gebäude des Rats der Stadt besetzt, und bei einer Schießerei versuchten sie, eine Militärbasis zu erobern, wo unsere Jungs ihren Wehrdienst ableisten.

Was planen sie morgen? Werden sie eine Schule oder einen Kindergarten in die Luft sprengen? Werden sie Geschäfte ausrauben? Werden sie die Wasserversorgung stören oder den Strom abstellen?

Und übermorgen werden sie in unsere Häuser kommen?

Sind Sie bereit, IN EINER WERTLOSEN REPUBLIK VON BANDITEN zu leben, die von niemand ANERKANNT wird?

Quelle: (10.5.2014)

April 17 in Ukraine: Summary

I thought we finally need a positive picture amid all the dismal events.

So, what has April 17 brought us?

  1. 3 dead, 13 wounded, and more than 60 captured separatists in Mariupol.
  2. $5 million cash from the bags of traffickers detained on a Donbas-bound Crimea train.
  3. 1 ‘little green man’ turned in to the authorities in exchange for $10K.
  4. Several thousand participant strong rallies for united Ukraine and against the Russian invasion in Donetsk and Kramatorsk.
  5. The Radiant Putin’s conversation with his cronies disclosing how the NATO suppresses Dima Kiselev; that Lukyanenko is able to publish his books again; that Iraq has its problems; that the Crimean ‘little green men’ have been Russian all along; and that half of Ukraine’s territory is some sort of the New Russia received as a gift from the Bolsheviks (at this point, I really wanted to smack that Botox rat, but, alas, that was unrealistic.)
  6. Verkhovna Rada approved creation of independent Public Television and Public Radio.
  7. Cowards who surrendered their weapons outside of Kramatorsk and Slaviansk yesterday in exchange for whoosafudge will be charged and tried, while the squad of so-called “commandos” from Dnipropetrovsk that pulled off that shameful act will be disbanded.
  8. The soldiers in Mariupol who stood their ground at the military base are going to receive a bonus of UAH 500K.
  9. There will be no targets for tax inspectors to meet anymore. That means, any ‘collection visits’ become illegal from now on.
  10. The punishment for separatism and seizure of government buildings will now range from 5-8 years to life in prison, depending on circumstances and presence/absence of casualties.
  11. The European Parliament has voted for the right of Ukraine to submit an application for its full-fledged EU membership following its association.
  12. Bulgaria has dismantled the South Stream pipelines, while the European Parliament has voted to terminate this project and roll back the program of Russian gas consumption.
  13. The border with Russia and Crimea will be under strict control targeting in particular, the entry into Ukraine of men aged 16 to 60 with unclear intentions.
  14. Pavel Durov has confirmed that he refused to turn in the information on members, administrators, and moderators of Euromaidan-related VKontakte social network groups to to the Federal Security Service of Russia, and paid for it by losing his share in the company, and his position.

Any other good news that I may have missed? Feel free to add. 🙂 Glory to Ukraine and those who do not shame it, generally speaking.


15. The Security Service of Ukraine / the Office of the Prosecutor General brought criminal charges against Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine for separatism and terrorism financing.
16. The Office of the Prosecutor General has reported the third count of separatism charges against Oleh Tsariov.
17. The Geneva Statement has been adopted, and it makes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia bite you-know-what instead of ‘federalization’.

Source: Alexander Melnik’s FB post
Translated by Olga Ruda
Edited and UPD translated by Inga Kononenko

Three pro-Russian assailants killed during an operation against a military base in Mariupol

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported that the police in Mariupol “had conducted an operation to localize a gang of 300 assailants.”

During the night of April 16-17, unidentified armed attackers stormed military base 3057.
“There are no losses among our servicemen. According to preliminary information, 3 assailants were killed, 13 were wounded and 63 have been detained. Their weapons were confiscated. Their communication devices and mobiles are connected to Russian operators. We’re currently proceeding with the identification of the attackers.” wrote Mr. Avakov on his Facebook page. Continue reading

Residents of Mariupol Protected the Local Police Department From the Separatists

In Mariupol, a group of 100 citizens organized itself into a self-defense unit and protected  the building of the local administration of the Ministry of Interior Affairs from an attack by separatists.  A couple of hundred separatists attacked the members of the self-defense group. The separatists used both explosion packages and stun grenades, and they beat up women.  According to journalists, 11 pro-Ukrainian activists have been hospitalized. The militia did not interfere in the fight. At the moment, the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is functioning normally; the separatists did not succeed in capturing it.

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