EuromaidanSOS: Separatists captured Mariupol city council, police try to pin beatings of pro-Ukrainian activists on the activists themselves

map MariupolOn April 11, about a hundred local pro-Ukrainian activists organized a flashmob in Mariupol. It was a peaceful event with blue-yellow flags. Suddenly two cars drove up to the activists, and people jumped out. One of them had a bat, which he started using to beat the rally participants (the others helped by knocking people off their feet). As a result, one person has a fracture with displacement, and another has a broken nose. However, the activists managed to take down four attackers, despite the fact that the police did not react to the aggression (the incident occurred in front of the Zhovtneviy police station). The flashmob participants directed the attackers to the police station, gave statements about the incident, but the next day it was found that all the attackers were released.
It’s worth noting that three of the assailants have criminal records for murder and robbery; one of them was wanted at the time of his arrest. But the humane Mariupol court dismissed all of them, placing one under house arrest (the one beating people with the bat). According to unconfirmed information, all attackers were redeemed by local deputy Yaroshenko. Moreover, it looks like the police will try to pin the whole case on the pro-Ukrainian activists, claiming that it was the activists who beat the attackers. Continue reading