Donbas refugees find shelter on Yanukovych’s estate


Photo: Hryhoriy Salay, Segodnya

The first refugees arriving in Kyiv from the eastern regions of Ukraine have been placed in the presidential residence in Mezhyhirya, reports the newspaper, May 13.

According to the newspaper, dozens of refugees from Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kramatorsk and some 20 from Crimea are being housed in the two-story building where Yanukovych’s closest servants were to live.

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The vile secrets of Yanukovych

Dmytro Hnap

Today, in between sorting through Yanukovych’s accounting, we had an opportunity to visit his infamous Honka [luxury cottage] in Mezhyhirya. My colleagues and I were in no particular hurry, so within a couple hours, we managed to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with the ugly details of Yanukovych’s reign in his Khan-like palace. You will have already seen photos of the inside of the Honka. I will add a few striking details that I saw myself.

This is the office that Yanukovych has been leasing for himself using public funds.

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