Security Council of Ukraine says Russia wants to derail presidential elections and could invade mainland Ukraine

Ukraine Security CouncilAccording to the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine, Russian troops are stationed not only in Crimea but also near the northern and eastern borders of Ukraine. Their current total number of troops is around 100,000.

The main Russian objective regarding Ukraine today is to derail the early presidential elections, and there is a fairly high risk of a Russian invasion of mainland Ukraine. Andriy Parubiy, Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine (NSCU), announced this today. Continue reading


You will answer for Sevastopol, Mr. Putin

Voices of Ukraine

By Mykola Avdeyev , FLOT2017,  Information Resistance  group
03.08.2014  10:52 am
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Eurasian Union is a project for conservation of identity of the peoples populating the historic Eurasian space in the new century and the new world. Eurasian integration is a chance for the territory of the former Soviet Union to become an independent center of global development, rather than [remain] the periphery of Europe or Asia,”  –Vladimir Putin, 2013.

Part One if wishes were horses…

So, this week has been swift, long, erratic and unexpected. But in the midst of this stream of events, some very interesting things started to become evident.

1. The main good news for March 7, 2014, for me, was a report that some person from Ukraine, a Mister Viktor Y. [Yanukovych], was hospitalized at one of the medical institutions in Moscow, in serious…

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The current situation in Crimea, as explained by Iryna from Crimea…

The Crimean situation from the viewpoint of a smart, feisty resident: Iryna from Crimea.

Voices of Ukraine

Iryna from Crimea
March 10, 2014 Facebook status
Translated by Olya Krolya for Voices of Ukraine
Edited by Voices of Ukraine



I will try to explain the current situation in Crimea.

This is my personal opinion, and there are reeeeeally many of those who disagree.

Although at a first glance everything looks very calm…

Currently, the population of the peninsula is divided into two camps: there are those who, with wide opened eyes, shout “Russia-Russia,” as if they were zombified, and those (unfortunately, even though a lot, but they are still fewer) who very well understand what this euphoria will lead to.

Opinions have divided to the extent that relatives and loved ones within one family do not understand and do not hear each other, and this in turn means that we have one foot already entered into a civil war, brother against…

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Fascist tendencies in Crimean Crisis

Voices of Ukraine

Deutsches Original  (date of publication of the original entry: 08.03.2014)

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine (VoU)

Black and red colours of the Right Sector appeared on Maidan in Kyiv (Kiev) early on. Fascist trend is also present in the transitional government. Is it a good enough reason to let Russia intervene? Many German political leaders and commentators turn to radical movement in Ukraine to justify or at least understand Russian aggression in respect to Crimean peninsula.

At the same time the fact that there is another actor involved, that makes use of radical right-wing policies, remains largely overlooked. It is not in Ukraine, but in Russia where official state policies remain highly homophobic. Where does the executive power has the last word to say? In Russia. It is there that we see – as it was often the case in fascist states of the past –…

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Voices of Ukraine


Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Brothers, here is a summary of March 6:
(for summary of the previous day, see Summary of March 5)

The situation is not getting better. It looks like our society has recovered from the first shock of the Russian invasion. The current attitude is persisting bewilderment and rejection of the Kremlin’s deranged behavior.

The bad news:

1. Crimea, under the rule of Putin’s Gauleiters, is quickly preparing an emergency exit from Ukraine. Uncle Vova [Putin] is in a bit of a pickle – his lies about ‘no Russian soldiers in Crimea’ are now working against him. The international community is completely on Kyiv’s side, and the Ukrainian military, after recovering from the initial stupor, started making concrete plans. The time is working against Putin.

Thus, the forced mode of stealing the Crimea is being activated. Obviously, the Kremlin had hoped to separate the entire…

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INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 6 – reports from the ground


This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:
Infographic courtesy of Hromadske.TV 07:10 – Russian Troops Renew Some Blockades Report of Information Resistance Unfortunately, just as we feared, the removed troops did not stay away for long. In Perevalnoye, the Russian soldiers…

Former Putin advisor Andrei Illarionov announced the second part of Putin’s plan

The future steps in Putin’s invasion plans according to former advisor Illarionov

Voices of Ukraine

March 6, 2014 10:00
Translated by Erika Nebor Bruscia
Edited by Voices of Ukraine


Andrei Illarionov, who predicted the occupation of Crimea, announced the second part of Putin’s plan. In short, here’s the gist of it.

1) Crimean theatre of operations. Following the referendum of March 30, 2014 (it can be moved to an earlier date), the region turns into an “independent republic of Crimea.” The Crimean Tatars are subjected to ethnic cleansing and deportation from the territory of the Crimean peninsula (i.e. similar experience targeting Georgians, Greeks, Jews in Abkhazia and South Ossetia).

2) Slobozhansk and Novorossiysk theatre of operations. In Eastern and Southern Ukraine, organized provocations that result in death of Russian citizens and Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine, the so-called “Russian nationals and compatriots. For their “protection from disorder and chaos” the invading troops of the aggressor are moved across the full length of the…

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Singapore Minister for Foreign Affairs, K. Shanmugam at the Parliament Meeting on March, 5th, 2014

Yesterday Singapore Parliament held a meeting where the Russian military aggression in Crimea was discussed. Here is the speech of K. Shanmugam, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Law.

Madam Speaker,
1. I thank the Honourable Members for their comments.

2. The task for MFA is to chart a course in an uncertain world, a course that best protects our country, our economy and advances our people’s interests.

3. How do we do it? First, build and maintain strong international network of friends; and actively participate in international organisations which are relevant to us; and support key regional organisations and platforms like ASEAN, EAS, and so on, and maintain strong relationships with our neighbours to the extent possible. I say that because it depends on principles of mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty, and interests.

4. These principles have to be applied in the real world – a world of dynamic flux where geopolitical relationships change; often they change very quickly.

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Chronology of irregular actions by Russian Federation in Crimea

Head of the Center for Military-Political Studies on the chronology of irregular Russian Federation actions in Crimea

Voices of Ukraine

The chronology of irregular actions on the part of the Russian Federation
in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

By Dmitry Tymchuk,
Head of the Center for Military-Political Studies (NGO)


In recent days numerous cases of Russian Federation Armed Forces units arrived in violation of international rules and agreements.

For instance, on February 28, at 8.45 a.m. the flight of more than 10 military helicopters was monitored by the technical observation post located on the cape of Takil from the direction of the Russian Federation to Ukraine.

Three helicopters (two KA-27 and one Mi-8) landed at the Kacha airport and passed through the border and customs established procedures according to an application made preliminarily. The rest of the helicopters came down near the airport; herewith, there was no answer received on the border detail chief’s appeal concerning the necessity of passing the established formalities by these helicopters, which arrived without…

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Ex-Advisor to Putin – Russia Sent Special Forces to Crimea to Kill RUSSIAN Soldiers

Voices of Ukraine

March 3, 2014, 11:54
Source: FaceNews
Andriy Illarionov, former adviser to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, believes that Russian military men were sent to Crimea to die. In an interview with Channel 1+1, Mr. Illarionov said that the Russian president is ready and willing to sacrifice his own soldiers, and Russian citizens currently in Ukraine, to present their deaths as provocations on the part of Ukraine.

“Several groups of Russian special forces are already in Ukraine. Those aren’t just ‘titushkas’ and ‘Russian tourists’ that hang Russian flags on city halls, but special Russian squads, whose task is to open fire and KILL RUSSIAN CITIZENS AND RUSSIAN MILITARY MEN on the territory of Ukraine, to later present those deaths as provocation,” says former adviser to Putin. “That was the tactic of the Russian units in South Osetia, Georgia, when Russians special forces shot Russian officers. The bodies of these officers were…

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