Russia is supporting chaos in Donbas – expert

Moscow – On June 11th, a meeting under the slogan “We stand for Donbas” is being gathered in Moscow. According to the organisers of the meeting, the goal is to “express support to the brotherly people of Novorossiya, the citizens of the newly-created PRD and PRL and all Russians in Ukraine.” It is expected that the meeting will be attended by the leadership of the so-called People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Meanwhile the majority of Russians supports the separatists in the East of Ukraine. And experts conclude: the Kremlin’s aim is not the annex of Donbas following the Crimean scenario, but the support of chaos in this Ukrainian region. 
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“Donbas” military base 

Anna Agafonova, economist, member of the business community IZOne, Donetsk

It seems to us that what we are living now has not been seen before, it seems that Donetsk’s case is unique. But other countries have already survived all this. 

The reasons for what is happening in our country are the same as the reasons that led to World War II. In the beginning of the previous century, in Europe, as a result of instances of industrial monopoly the capital and power were concentrated in the hands of oligarchs and technocratic managers.

Liberal economies, oligarchy, corruption and lack of social lifts cost thousands of people their lives. The events in Ukraine can be easily compared with the police and private security service shooting of the peaceful demonstration “Hunger March” of the fired workers at the factories of a well-known figure, Ford. Continue reading

Today in tweets – May 30

Stop FAKE in Ukraine…

Border guards detained cars with weapons coming from Russia…

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Verkhovna Rada allows foreign militaries to train in Ukraine

1298323259_zapad-2009Saturday, April 5, 2014, 10:17

Parliament has authorized access to the military of other countries on the territory of Ukraine for military exercises in 2014. This decision was supported by 235 deputies. The bill will allow foreign Armed Forces to enter the territory of Ukraine to participate in military exercises in 2014. Continue reading

Creative resistance: besieged Marines give a concert for “the little green men”


This gallery contains 13 photos.

Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:
It’s Day 105 of the Revolution in Ukraine. The Crimean occupation by “unidentified soldiers under Russian command” (dubbed the “little green men” by Ukrainian military) continues… But today’s lesson comes from the talented and…

A Letter From the Wife of a Russian Army Officer

putinWords don’t come easy to me now, yet I will make an attempt to deliver my point the best I know how.

I am the wife of a Russian Army officer. My husband has been serving his country for over 30 years. He has been through many dangerous military operations. He received several hard-earned medals of honor.  Continue reading

To Russian Officers – From a Ukrainian Officer

Voices of Ukraine


To Russian Officers – From a Ukrainian Officer

Source: Blog at Echo Moskvy
Translated by Voices of Ukraine

Long ago, back in 1988, I took an Oath to serve the Soviet People.

My grandfather and father were officers – one in the Red Army, the other in the Soviet Army.

Today, I’m a Ukrainian officer who took an Oath to serve the Ukrainian People. My tag bears my ID number, and above it, the letters still say ‘USSR Internal Troops’. I didn’t change my ID number, and I will keep it as long as I live.

Today, I am talking to you, senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, who have the right to send other people’s sons to die, while you remain in relative safety.

We, the Ukrainian people, are going through difficult and hungry times now, as we are recovering from the revolution while economic…

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PUTIN’S LIES EXPOSED: unknown soldiers have Russian weapons

Who are the ‘unknown soldiers’ in Crimea? Their weapons and social media profiles speak for themselves . What are the “unknown soldiers” in Crimea armed with – an expertise from The New Times with comments by French firearms expert Edmond Huet 

The silent soldiers that appeared on Crimea’s streets on February 22, nicknamed ‘polite people’ by journalists for their gallantry, bear no insignia and still have not been formally identified. Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a press conference on March 4, claimed: “It was their local self-defense forces. We did not participate in their preparation.” However, the weapons and military equipment at the disposal of these ‘forces’ often have a very clear national identity. At the request of New Times Photos of Crimea, military experts (who have preferred to remain anonymous) have analyzed photographs from Crimea; their analysis was later commented by independent French firearms expert Edmond Huet as per request of EuromaidanPR.


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Security Service of Ukraine in Crimea refuse to obey Aksenov administration


Officers refuse to recognize the administration head appointed by the new government of the Autonomy [Crimea] 

The employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) headquarters in Crimea and the Yalta City SBU do not obey the Crimean government, their representatives tell BSNews.

According to them, yesterday some TV channels and other media spread the false information that SBU had taken the side of the so-called Crimean government. Continue reading

Putin’s Request to Deploy Troops to Crimea Was Based on a Staged Shooting and Fake Victims

March 2, 2014, 18:06

Russian President Vladimir Putin requested the Federation Council’s consent to deploy Russian troops in Crimea after a broadcast on Russian TV showing the purported death of Russian military servicemen as a result of shooting at the Crimean Council of Ministers building in Simferopol. The episode on shooting by “Ukrainian combatants” with covered faces and the bodies of Russian servicemen lying motionless on the road appeared on the Russian TV channel Vesti.

“At 3:20 pm, rapid machine fire was launched next to the Crimean Cabinet of Ministers building in Simferopol … 50 meters away, next to the Trade Unions building, unknown men wearing black uniforms and black face masks, as well as white ribbons tied around their arms, lay undercover, 50 meters away from the Cabinet of Ministers”, the Vesti journalist expained. Continue reading