Residents of Crimea are scared of actions by Russian security forces

An eyewitness describes how a Ukrainian Marine Corps battalion of was blocked in Feodosiya.

“Kommentarii” spoke with a Crimean resident who witnessed the blockade of the Ukrainian Marine Corps unit by Russian soldiers in Feodosiya. The man spoke on condition of anonymity to protect his personal safety.

Why were you near the Marine Corps unit?

— There was news on the local channel and it said on the electronic ticker tape that fighters of the Ukrainian Marine Corps were blocked by the Russian military in Feodosiya. A conflict was possible. They asked journalists to come there. I’m not a journalist but I’m interested in what’s going on. I got dressed and headed there. The military unit is ouskirts of town, not far from the bus station. I was there around midday. Continue reading


Lviv is prepared to host military families from Crimea

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Lviv will be hosting the families of the military from Crimea; military families will be housed and provided with all their necessities so that the military need not worry about their safety.

This topic was discussed at an emergency session of Lviv’s regional council on Sunday, “Radio Liberty” reports. “We communicate with the military by telephone, and many of them have responded to the offer. There are also families here who are willing to host a [military] family,” said Petro Kolodiy, Head of Lviv Regional Council. Continue reading

Russia’s Consul General refutes Russia’s claim about victims in Crimea

One of the  justifications for Russia’s decision to send troops into Ukraine was a statement by the Speaker of the Federation Council, Valentyna Matviyenko, about victims among Russian citizens in Crimea.

General Consul of Russia in Crimea, Vyacheslav Svetlichniy, does not confirm Matviyenko’s statement about victims in Crimea, which served as a basis for the decision to deploy troops in Ukraine.

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Koshulinskiy: Russia’s military scenario in Crimea is feasible

Russia’s military scenario in Crimea duplicates that of 2008 in South Ossetia. reports that Ruslan Koshulinskiy, Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada from the Svoboda Party, spoke to a correspondent from

“Russia’s military scenario in Crimea is quite feasible, and all the prerequisites are in place. I spoke with the Georgians, and they told me that all the steps taken by the Russians match the Ossetian scenario exactly. Issuing passports, recalling the ambassador [to] Ukraine, which in fact means disregard for diplomatic tools … Limiting access to the territory of Crimea for any central authorities implies that any attempt by the authorities to restore constitutional order will be a pretext for bringing in Russian troops to protect its citizens,” said the Svoboda member. Continue reading