Russian TV host says Jews “brought the Holocaust around” themselves

7DAD6AA6-04B3-4D91-A604-65FF150E283C_w268_r1_cx55_cy18_cw40“Russia 24” TV Channel host Evelina Zakamska said that the Jews themselves “brought the Holocaust around”. The remark was made during the interview with a Russian writer Oleksandr Prokhanov.

The participants of the program touched upon the topic of the Euromaidan in Ukraine. In connection to this Prokhanov said on the air: “It’s surprising that Jewish and Russian organizations support Maidan. What are they doing? Don’t they understand that they are bringing around a second Holocaust with their own hands?” The host responded: “They were bringing around the first one in just the same way”. Continue reading


Public pages in FB are being offered money to share antiukrainian news


The community “Typical Kyiv” was offered 3000 Russian Rubles to publish fake information for increasing the minimal income tax for physical entities from 15% to 20% due to increased defense expenses. The administrators of the page have declined the offer, explaining: “We do not publish fake news from the mentally ill”. A screenshot of the conversation is attached.

This news appears only on the pages of several internet communities in Vkontakte social network, and neither the Financial Ministry, neither the press mentions anything of the sort.  Continue reading

Who is trolling?

1794673_516261475158187_139513735_nRobert van Voren

Over the past months, the number of fake ‘concerned Russian citizens’ or Western ‘commentators’ have quickly increased. Clearly, in preparation for the annexation of the Crimea and whatever comes later the Kremlin has been very active on another front: information war. His main specialty: trolling. It is not the first time: on the eve of the Moscow municipal elections a massive amount of trolls or ‘trolliki’ were put in place to spread false information. They even found a cellar in St. Petersburg full with trolliki who were disseminating false information on the opposition candidate Navalny. Continue reading

Russia’s wartime misinformation strategies

The "killed Russians" which were the pretext for the invasion of Russian troops, turned out to be Ukrainians

The “killed Russians” which were the pretext for the invasion of Russian troops, turned out to be Ukrainians

1. Lie #1. Russian invasion necessary because Russians in Crimea were killed.

On Sunday, March 2, the Head of the Russian Federal Council Valentyna Matviyenko declared that among victims killed during the assault of the Crimean Ministry of the Interior were the citizens of Russia. This fact was one of the pretexts on which the decision to introduce Russian troops to Ukraine was based. There is still no official confirmation of the presence of Russian citizens among the victims of the assault.  Continue reading