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On June 15, Ukrainians brought wreaths to the Russian embassy in Kyiv. On June 21 we will bring them to all the Russian embassies in the world


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WHO: Euromaidanpr, DigitalMaidan, Russia Hands off Ukraine, Euromaidans and  Ukrainian communities in Vilnius, Warsaw, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Brussels, The Hague, Kyiv (list here).

WHAT: Place funeral wreaths to honor Ukrainian heroes killed by Putin at Russian Embassies and consulates around the world. Follow our action on Twitter #StopPutinNow Continue reading


Luhansk Airplane Downing Could Have Resulted in 200 Deaths

Photo: Inforesist

During the night of June 13, three airplanes should have landed in the Luhansk airport. The first one landed successfully, the second one was shot down by terrorists, the third one returned to its point of departure, Melitopol, reports LIGABusinessInform. The tragedy resulted in 49 deaths. However, the death toll could have been 200 people. It was only by pure luck that a part of the military servicemen went via Infantry fighting vehicles. MP Mykola Kniazhytskiy wrote this on FB: Continue reading

14-Year Old Boy Tells How Terrorists Killed His Family

A 14-year old boy from Snizhne in Donetsk Oblast shared a harrowing story about terrorists shooting and killing his father, sister, and uncle right before his eyes. The brave boy wishes to get well and return back to his mother.

According to Tolik, his family was in a car, attempting to leave Snizhne and seek refuge at this grandmother’s house in Artemivsk. On their way out of the city, armed terrorists opened fire on their vehicle, killing all of his relatives that were in the car.

During subsequent surgery doctors were able to remove 4 large bullet fragments and several smaller ones. The brave child is now in recovery, his condition is improving. He also received antibacterial and infusion therapy. Tolik is able to answer questions about the horrible events, but starts crying as soon as he does.  Continue reading

Around Fifty Soldiers Wounded in Sloviansk Battles In Kyiv’s Military Hospital 


According to ATO participants, it would have been possible to avoid numerous casualties when conducting the anti-terrorist operations.  However, an inside source is continuously releasing information to separatists.

In the capital’s military hospital [in Kyiv] there are currently close to fifty soldiers who were wounded in battles that took place in Slovyansk; and close to thirty more are in hospital in the town of Irpen. Almost all of the soldiers ended up in a hospital after a large-scale operation near Slovyansk, at the beginning of June. At that time soldiers were not even able to enter the city – they were fired on as they approached.

Major Oleksandr Maliarchuk was taking part in the Operation, on 3 June, when his leg was injured by a BTR (armored personnel carrier). He states that separatists were well aware of the plans of Ukrainian forces: “There are many traitors among Ministry of Defence officials, who sell information – causing a leak,” says Maliarchuk.

An anti-tank missile hit the BTR as it was was being driven by a Ukrainian soldier. Only he and one comrade survived. The Major says that on that day they had survived two ambushes. They were unable to make it through a third one, but were expecting aid: “We were waiting for assistance from the air force. But it seemed that they were busy with something else, and so we were stopped and the enemy had started firing anti-tank missiles at us.”

The soldiers are rushing the doctors as much as possible, as they want to get back to battle.  They say that all the soldiers are dreaming of the day when the ATO will finally be victorious; when the order to start eliminating the remaining separatist forces in Slovyansk will be given.  These fighters believe that they need to be given “just one order, and everything can be taken care of in just two days.”


Translated by Olena Khomenok, edited by Jon Barrow


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“For Them To Wage War and Not To Have Anything To Wear!” – The Families of the Fallen Near Volnovakha

Valeriya Dubarova, May 29th

Mourning continues in Volyn Oblast for the soldiers fallen during the ATO. At the polygon near Rivne, a vigil was held on Monday, and the men were buried the next day. The youngest of the fallen was 18 years of age.

Continue reading

Separatist Terrorists Commit Savage Killings of Civilians in Donetsk

Savage indiscriminate killings of civil people by so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR) terrorists not far from the Center of Donetsk – Savik Shuster Studio Live – May 26, 2014 – 22:20 Kyiv time

Serhiy Popov, one of the leaders of the Citizen Platform, gave a video interview during the Savik Shuster studio talk show, in which he stated that terrorists from the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” while driving from the airport to the Donetsk city center in a KAMAZ military truck were shooting in all directions at all people that they met on the way. The aim was to create a picture for Russian TV channels, showing purported atrocities of the Ukrainian special forces during the anti-terrorist operation in Donetsk. Continue reading

Donbas Volunteer Battalion Tells About Karlovka Battle

donbasOn 23 May 2014 a battle took place near Karlovka between the pro-Ukrainian patriotic volunteer Defense force “Donbas” and the terrorist battalion “Vostok”. The Donbas battalion has given its account on the course of events on their facebook page.

Early in the morning a platoon of 25 persons of the civilian volunteer Defense Force “Donbas”, of whom 80% are residents of the Donetsk Oblast, moving by several cars and minibuses, ran into an ambush of terrorists from the so-called “battalion “Vostok [‘East’ in Russian]”, numbering 100 persons. The Donbas battalion was armed with small arms, hand grenades, 1 sniper rifle, while the Vostok battalion was armed with sufficiently heavier weaponry: small arms, heavy weapons (large-caliber machine guns and grenade launchers), three APCs, and had a group of several snipers. As per the Donbas battalion, 80% of the terrorists from “battalion Vostok” do not live in the region, being Chechen terrorists, fighters of the former Crimean “Alpha” [special unit of Security Service], fighters of the former Crimean “Berkut” [a special police force known for its violent actions against Euromaidan protesters], while 20% are civilian fighters from the self-proclaimed terrorist republic “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR).

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The Donbas battalion on the Karlovka ambush


As soon as it became obvious that Defense force “Donbas” is capable of mopping-up terrorists from next and next districts of the Donetsk region, an unaccountable event happened. Actually, there is an explanation. “Donbas” has been betrayed and information about its movement route became know to the terrorists. “Donbas” ran into an ambush near village Karlovka and accepted battle. Snipers, submachine gunners were engaged against “Donbas” and bazookas were being used. There are wounded (the amount is being verified). There are 2 persons in the hospital of one of the nearby towns, 2 persons were moved from the block-post to the hospital. One of them is in the surgery operating theatre and the other one is in traumatic surgery. Guards were left near the hospital with the wounded. The other wounded are waiting for evacuation.  Continue reading

Medic students from Kharkiv are giving assistance to the wounded during the ATO

22 May 21:36 

The leadership of the Kharkiv City Administration and Kharkiv Medical University are providing a volunteer movement of student medics in the military hospital and other medical centres where those wounded in the anti-terrorist operation are to be found.

This is reported by the first deputy Minister for Healthcare Ruslan Saliutin live on Channel 5. “The civil volunteer aid is always needed by our soldiers and our civil wounded, but especially soldiers,” he noted. Continue reading

Seven Killers of Euromaidan Protesters Have Been Arrested, Others Hiding in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

The identities of 46 killers of Heaven’s Hundred heroes have been established. On Saturday, May 17, more than 70 families of killed Euromaidan protesters had demanded a meeting with the authorities and a report from the law enforcement agencies on the results of the investigation, as reported by TSN.

On May 20, the police and prosecutors reported at a closed meeting to the relatives of the deceased that seven culprits have been arrested and the rest are wanted. In most cases, they are former Berkut officers. Many of them are hiding in the Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine. Deputy Prime Minister Vitaliy Yarema said that by the end of the week families will receive the state financial assistance that was promised three months ago and apologized for the lack of communication. He vowed to hold such meetings on a regular basis; the next will be held in a month. Relatives of those killed on Maidan say that they do not need money or benefits. It is important for them to know who killed protesters on Maidan and who gave the orders.

Source:, translated by Alya Shandra