UOC KP: Moscow is preparing a coup in the Ukrainian Church

According to the Kyiv Patriarchy, June 19th may the start of the Church division countdown

The Kyiv Patriarchy warns about the provocations surrounding the visit of the Moscow Patriarch Kirill to Ukraine on the Day of the Baptism of Rus, prepared by Russia.

The statement on the official web page of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchy says that the impression of danger to the head of the MP in Kyiv will be created using Russian propaganda.  Continue reading


Around 20 Russians commemorated deceased Ukrainian servicemen near Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow

The gathered crowd chanted “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Heroes don’t die!”, and sang the Ukrainian national anthem.

Around 20 Russians clad in vyshyvankas came to the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow to commemorate the deceased Ukrainian servicemen.

According to UNIAN News’ own correspondent in Russia, the participants laid flowers near the Ukrainian embassy.

One of the participants carried a poster in the colors of the Ukrainian national flag, with the caption “Forgive us” written in the Ukrainian language. Continue reading

Attack near UA Embassy in Moscow: Ekaterina Moldon

We are in the police bus, got taken for no reason under the pretext that we are ‘provoking’ someone – apparently for a Ukrainian scarf, badges and a wreath on Iryna Kalmykova. I have laid flowers before this and they did not detain us for that; people are allowed to come to the Embassy only individually. They destroyed the poster of a man in front of us who was asking forgiveness from Ukraine for Putin; his forehead was bloody. Apparently the provocateur tore the elderly man’s forehead with a piece of broken poster! There are 6 of us in the police bus: Iryna Kalmykova, Lesya Malakyan, Olha Horlova, Anastasia Fazulina, Vera Sveshnikova-Vaskovich and I. We have called the embassy of Ukraine and complained about unprecedented attack on us for no reason. We haven’t been able to reach the police info desk yet, help!!! Continue reading

Moscow activists get arrested for carrying Ukrainian flag


On May 1, 2014, during a May Day parade of some 100 000 workers carrying banners “Putin is right”, “Proud of the country” and “Let’s support decisions of our president”, seven brave people marched through the central streets singing the Ukrainian anthem and carrying a giant flag of Ukraine. They were handing out anti-imperialist leaflets saying ‘Enough of raising the empire and resurrecting the USSR’. Four were arrested by the police.

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‘Censorship’ or Sanity? – Blocking Enemy Russian Agitprop on Ukrainian TV FAQ

Imagine if the Japanese had ‘merely’ surrounded Pearl Harbor in 1941, invaded with 30,000 soldiers, issued ultimatums to American troops, took over U.S. ships, beat up international journalists, bulled through a ‘referendum’ under military occupation and finally, annexed Hawaii… Can anyone seriously doubt these actions would likewise have been considered an act of war by FDR and the United States?



In addition to armed military occupation and loss of territory, Ukraine has been deluged with Russian ‘news reports’, studio talk shows, blog and Youtube sites which knowingly present fake and untrue stories. There are three target groups for Russian disinformation: their own citizens, low-information Ukrainians, and the uninformed world opinion. Their unprecedented feverish rhetoric continues to openly advocate a breakup of the Ukrainian state and stokes widespread paranoia.

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“The Wolf who cried Fascist!” – Pathology of Russian Propaganda against Ukraine, pt. 2


How Russia ‘fought against fascism’ – from 1920 until 1941 


Soviet and Nazi officers

For more than twenty years, Moscow’s closest ties in Europe were with Germany – starting in 1920 when Berlin supplied intelligence about the Polish Army to the Soviets. (And twenty years later, Stalin returned the favor when he had his radio stations in Minsk broadcast signals to the Luftwaffe to guide them to their Polish targets.) Everyone now knows about the secret 1939 Nazi-USSR Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty, but even as late as October, 1940, Stalin was still  negotiating terms to join the Tripartite Pact with Italy, Japan, and Germany.

Karl Radek, fervent Stalinist and one of the authors of the new Soviet Constitution, wrote

“… only fools could imagine we should ever break with Germany… No one can give us what Germany can.”

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“The Wolf who cried Fascist!” – Pathology of Russian Propaganda against Ukraine, pt. 1

wolf in Sheep's clothing_thumb[2]

The F-word is almost entirely meaningless today. “Fascism” has mostly become a perjorative word, used as an insult – and a scare tactic by Russia meant to paralyze opponents. In 1944, George Orwell wrote

“almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘fascist'”.

It is now probably the most misused and overused term of our time.

“Anti-fascists” = fascists

But even more, it is becoming clear how “the fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists” ( a quote attributed to Winston Churchill). A quick look at the ‘antifascist’ crusaders in Moscow will suffice: police state in Russia, murdered opposition journalists, information monopoly on its own citizens, brutall suppression of its own minorities, military invasions of neighboring countries in “its sphere of influence” etc….

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Philipp Kireev (Moskau): Friedensmarsch, Moskau, 15.02.2014 (Photos)

Philipp Kireev (Moskau): Friedensmarsch, Moskau, 15.02.2014 (Photos).

Laut Organisatoren, kamen auf den Marsch gegen 70.000 Menschen, berichtete TV-Kanal “Dozhd”. In der Agence France-Presse wurde es angegeben, dass es gegen 50.000 Teilnehmern gab. Die Polizei vor dem Marsch bewertete die Zahl der Teilnehmer an 3.000 Menschen. Die Staatsmedien reden über 3.000 Menschen.

viaPhilipp Kireev (Moskau): Friedensmarsch, Moskau, 15.02.2014 (Photos).

Moscow does not understand why Europe has a grudge against it

sshot-7Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 16:01

According to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, Moscow is surprised that the situation in Crimea caused such reaction on the part of the European Union during the extraordinary meeting of the European Council.

“It’s hard to get rid of the impression that a conjunctural approach prevailed over common sense, which dictates the need to listen at least principle of strategic partnership between the EU and Russia”, the ministry announced in a statement. Russia scolds the EU, declaring that in “this delicate moment” of finding a solution to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, the EU “took a very unconstructive position by refusing to cooperate with Russia.” Continue reading

Mass protests against Russian invasion in Eastern Ukraine and Russia

March 2, 2014. Oleksandra Kondratenko, Anna Mostovych

Yesterday, on March 1, 2014 Russia declared war on Ukraine. The President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, asked the Federation Council to authorise the use of force in Ukraine. The affirmative decision was taken unanimously at 5:21:57 (Kyiv time).

Voting of the Federation Council. In favour: 90 out of 90. Decision taken.

Voting of the Federation Council. In favour: 90 out of 90. Decision taken.

This was a totally unexpected decision not for Ukraine only but for the whole world. Declaration of war was severely condemned by single countries like US, Poland, Sweden etc. but also generally on the international level, i.e. in the EU, UN and NATO. But as Ukrainians have seen since end November 2013 it hasn’t gone much further then expressing grave concern and condemning the actions of Russia. Continue reading