Stars align for Canada & Ukraine Together/Razom concert

By Olena Wawryshyn

The Canada & Ukraine Together/Razom benefit concert held on March 28th at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre near Toronto, Ontario was one of those rare events where everything fell into place so phenomenally that God’s hand seemed to be at work.

Incredibly, the gala concert was organized in just over three week. Ticket sales were so brisk that the event set a single-day ticket-sales record at the Centre’s Hammersmith Hall, which seats more than 1,300.




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Odesa Euromaidan anthem shows why Euromaidan won – VIDEO with English subs

On December 15, 2013, civic activists, famous artists and ordinary citizens recorded the anthem of Odesa’s Euromaidan. The power in their words shows how Euromaidan was able to win under all the dire circumstances. The Euromaidan activists talk about smiling for the Duke. The ‘Duke’ is the first monument in Odesa, erected in honor of Duke de Richelieu, the first mayor of Odesa. The song is in both Russian and Ukrainian.

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Cowgirl battalion will protect Ukraine from Russian invasion – MUSIC VIDEO with English subs

The Ukrainian music group “Lisapetniy battalion” has filmed a new clip to the music of Natalia Falion – “Come on, you old broads”. In the video the “battalion” members are ready to protect the country in case of war with Russia.


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