Chloroform found in Odesa building where dozens died


In the Trade Union Building in Odesa, where dozens of people died on May 2, a chloroform substance used in medicine was discovered, the head of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Vitaliy Sakal, stated at a press briefing Monday, May 19, as reported by Interfax Ukraine.

“In the debris and the soot removed during the inspection of the Trade Union Building, a chloroform-like substance was discovered. Chloroform is well known: it is used during surgery, but how it came to be in the Trade Union Building is something we’re trying to establish,” he said.

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Volunteers help victims of Odesa violence


Photo: by Yulya Kochetova

At Odesa city hospitals No 1, No 10, and No 11 volunteer collection centers have been created to help victims of the recent violence, reports Ukrainska Pravda, May 4.

As stated on the Odesa City Council website, Odesa residents have been actively helping city hospitals and victims of the events of May 2. Continue reading