A new algorithm of communication with opponents from Russia

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Chloroform found in Odesa building where dozens died


In the Trade Union Building in Odesa, where dozens of people died on May 2, a chloroform substance used in medicine was discovered, the head of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Vitaliy Sakal, stated at a press briefing Monday, May 19, as reported by Interfax Ukraine.

“In the debris and the soot removed during the inspection of the Trade Union Building, a chloroform-like substance was discovered. Chloroform is well known: it is used during surgery, but how it came to be in the Trade Union Building is something we’re trying to establish,” he said.

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Bike Run For a United Ukraine Starts From Lviv

On May 11, a Lviv-Odesa bike run started from the Lviv Opera theater with a goal to show the unity of the Ukrainian people.

The participants wish to show the unity of the Ukrainian people, noting that they especially want to visit Odesa. “We especially want to visit Odesa and show that the tragedy that took place in the local Trade Union building is a common tragedy for all of us, and not for some pro-Russian activists. We must do everything to make sure that is doesn’t repeat,” said Serhiy, a bike run participant. Continue reading

Moscow journalist says there was no pregnant woman in Odesa Trade Unions Building

pregnant_odesaA media reviewer from Moscow Elena Rykovtseva has debunked the myth of the pregnant Odesa woman in the Trade Unions Building. A photo of a murdered pregnant woman is being actively shared across social media, but the Moscow-based journalist says there was no pregnant woman in the building.

“Five days have gone by since the Odesa tragedy took place, yet I continue to come across references to “a pregnant woman in the Trade Unions Building.” Even those people who interpret the events from, relatively speaking, the “Maidan” side fall for this. And it absolutely bothers no one that there is still no information about a “pregnant woman.” There are no relatives who would somehow speak out over the loss of their daughter (a sister, etc.), who was in such delicate condition; no father of the unborn child, although I understand that not every unborn child has a father who announces himself; no experts who could attest to this particular hair-raising fact. There’s a ton of hair-raising facts in this story, but surely, figuring out something like this would have to take priority! Or – failing to figure out. After all, this is extremely effective in terms of propaganda”, writes the woman on her Facebook page. Continue reading

Former Odessa Oblast Police Chief Fuchedzhi Flees Ukraine, Placed on Wanted List

Ukraine’s Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov reported that former chief of Odessa oblast police Dmytro Fuchedzhi has been placed on a wanted list.

“Mr Fuchedzhi crossed the state border of Ukraine at 5 am this morning and is now a fugitive from justice; he has been placed on a wanted list”, said Avakov to journalists gathered at Kharkiv airport on Wednesday, May 7.

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MIA believes pro-Ukraine activists not involved in the Odesa fire

screen-shot-2014-05-03-at-10-01-13-amThe Ministry of Interior Affairs believes that members of Euromaidan (pro-Ukraine activists – Ed.) were not involved in the fire at the Trade Union building in Odesa, May 2, that killed several dozen people, according to Odesa journalist Illya Azar, who cites Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Chebotar in his Facebook posting, May 6. Azar’s report on the conversation with Chebotar is reported by Ukrainska Pravda. Continue reading

Avakov on Separatists Detained by Special Forces: Speechless

Monday, May 5, 2014, 15:15

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov released details regarding the release of ten separatists connected to the tragedy in Odesa on Saturday. The news comes from Yuriy Butusov, who quotes the minister.

The separatists detained in Odesa were released because of the Deputy Attorney General’s personal decision. He prohibited their transportation to Kyiv for further investigation, and the prosecutor agreed on the decision about their release. Continue reading

Odesa creates its own self-defense battalion

Monday, May 5, 2014, 15:31

Odesa Oblast governor Volodymyr Nemirovskiy has announced that a territorial defense battalion is taking shape in Odesa. It is a special military unit with 400 people.

According to the governor, the task of the battalion is to quickly restore legitimacy and order in the oblast.

 “The battalion has been formed by the chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. It will be guided by me as the head of Odesa Oblast State Administration,” Nemirovskiy specified. Continue reading

The Odesa Disaster

Robert van VorenWhatever way you look at it, what happened in Odessa now three days ago is a real disaster. It is a disaster because over 40 people died, it is a disaster because it sharpened the conflict in Ukraine enormously and brought the war to a part of the country that hitherto had escaped such horrific violence. Continue reading