Director Ratiy: Donbas cannot be heard

Olexandr Ratiy is a young film director from Alchevsk in Luhansk Oblast.

He made his first short film “The Return” there. The documentary brought about his victory at the cinema festival “Molodist.”

The director made his second film, “Simple Things,” in Kyiv, where he has been living for the last 6 years. He returned with it from the Cannes cinema forum recently.

Regardless of the film locations, says Olexandr Ratiy, he is trying to convey the same theses that Donbas is attempting to express through his work. They, according to the artist, are really universal and understandable both in the East and West.

In an interview to BBC Ukraine he talked about the consequences of the weak cultural policies in Donbas, the reasons for separatism and the language that everyone is ready to hear.  Continue reading