Oppositonal MP Lesya Orobets’ appeal on the matter of concessions made by Yanukovych

Photo by Viktor Gurniak

To everyone concerned.

At a present moment NO concessions were made by Yanukovich. These are tactical goals of steps undertaken (“voluntary resignation” of Azarov, “repeal of dictatorship laws”):

  • to save foreign assets of Yanukovich’s family, his circle and oligarchs from immediate sanctions by Western governments;
  • to defeat the informational wave in Western media by making an illusion of “compromise” and “normalisation”;
  • to avoid harming Putin’s Olympics with a background of poorly veiled intervention into internal affairs of Ukraine. Continue reading

Appeal of Yulia Tymoshenko to the leaders of the opposition

I regret that I have had no contact with the outside world until today and I could not express my attitude to the last proposals of the Ukrainian authorities regarding the settlement of the crises. I appeal to the leaders of the opposition to strongly reject the government’s humiliating offer.

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The plan of the opposition on January 19th


photo: nbnews.com.ua

Today, on the 19th of January, opposition leaders spoke at Euromaidan during the Pan-Ukrainian rally. Once again the leaders of the three main opposition parties; Vitaliy Klitschko of UDAR, Oleh Tiahnybok of Svoboda, and Arseniy Yatsenyuk of Batkivshchina took turns denouncing the so-called laws that Party of Regions along with the Communists dragged through the Verkhovna Rada and then they  declared the illegitimacy of all branches of government, including that of the president.

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