Lesia Orobets on the 2004 Constitution

FB post, February 21, 2014

Many discussions are taking place now about the return of the 2004 Constitution. Is it necessary and what are the advantages?

I will attempt to provide key arguments. Undoubtedly, the key demand remains the resignation of Yanukovych and the punishment of all responsible for crimes against humanity. The 2004 Constitution provides mechanisms to achieve these goals, even if not as promptly as we would like.

1. Right now, the following may be the most important point. The Parliament appoints and dismisses the head of the Security Service of Ukraine at the request of the President. It also consents to the appointment and dismissal of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (Article 85). In doing so, the Parliament may express no confidence in the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, resulting in his resignation. Therefore, the question of dismissing Pshonka, the current Prosecutor General, and then bringing him to face justice becomes only a matter of time. Nonetheless, he could escape. Continue reading


Ce n’est qu’un cauchemar noir

Par députée de l’opposion Madame Lesia Orobets

Ce n’est qu’un cauchemar noir Les flammes, les explosions, la fumée, les flaques du sang, les souffrances des blessés, les cloches, l’eau glacée, les coups de feu et les explosions, l’odeur sui des explosions et l’exhalation du pétrole, l’odeur absorbant de la gomme enflammée sont partout.

Je ne peux pas croire que je suis au Maidan, que je suis dans la place principale de la ville où j’ai vécu toute ma vie. La guerre est venue chez nous. Une guerre véritable et atroce. Il est impossible à y croire avec ses émotions, or la raison ne marche pas exactement et vite sans émotions. On essaie à nous éliminer à cause de notre volonté d’avoir la dignité humaine et de notre volonté de choisir nous-mêmes notre vie.

Cela est complètement submergé. Les bêtes qui tuent mes frères ukrainiens paraissent à nous biologiquement, en plus ils tiennent les passeports ukrainiens. Ce cauchemar est à rompre. Lève-toi l’Ukraine, lève-toi toute Ukraine. La vie sans dignité ne vaut pas à vivre. Lève-toi l’Ukraine, lève-toi toute Ukraine. La vie sans dignité ne vaut pas à vivre. 

Lesya Orobets: This is some kind of dark nightmare

1904172_10203164311446595_1285888423_nThis is some kind of dark nightmare.

Fire, explosions, smoke, pools of blood, cries of the wounded, church bells, icy water, shots, more blasts, the stench of explosions and gasoline and all permeated with the odor of burnt tires. I cannot believe that I am at the Maidan, the main square of the city where I spent my entire life.

The war is here. A real fierce war. It is impossible to grasp this emotionally, although the mind is working precisely and quickly quite apart from emotions. We are being exterminated because of our desire to have dignity and decide our lives independently. This simply makes no sense. My fellow Ukrainians are being killed by the creatures that not only resemble us biologically, but also carry Ukrainian passports.


Lesya Orobets

Lesya Orobets: Yanukovych set up a trap for the protesters. February 18, 2014

ImageYanukovych and his circle has organised a targeted provocation, a trap for the protesters. All the so-called peaceful negotiations were a well planned trap. They were aimed at playing for time and preparing for the the use of force. Yanukovych did not intend to make any concessions from the very beginning, not for a single second. All the dancing around political processes, the behind-the-scenes negotiations on amendments to the Constitution were intended only to lure protesters into a trap. This day was well planned and directed at least a week ago. Currently the Kyiv subway is disabled, and all entrances to Kyiv are blocked. In at least some places of Kyiv (e.g. the hostel of the Polytechnical Institute) the Internet is disabled. In the course of a few hours a state of emergency was introduced very effectively, and don’t you tell me that all this was done without the intelligence service, planning and preparation. Continue reading

Orobets: 18. Februar von langer Hand vorbereitet – soll Demokratie im Keim ersticken

Voices of Ukraine

Kiew, 18.02.2014, 17.00h

Janukowytsch und seine Umgebung haben eine gezielte Provokation organisiert, eine Falle für die Protestierenden.

Lesja Orobets

Alle so genannten friedlichen Verhandlungen haben sich als sorgfältig geplante Falle erwiesen. Sie zielten allein darauf ab, Zeit zu gewinnen und eine militärische Operation vorzubereiten. Janukowytsch wollte von Anfang an gar keine Zugeständnisse machen. Alle Finten rund um den politischen Prozess, alle Verhandlungen über Verfassungsänderungen hinter verschlossenen Türen hatten nur eines zum Ziel – die Protestierenden in eine Falle zu locken.

Das Drehbuch für den heutigen Tag ist mindestens eine Woche im Voraus sorgsam geplant worden. Im Moment ist die Metro (U-Bahn) in Kiew gesperrt, und alle Einfahrten in die Stadt sind blockiert. An manchen Stellen in Kiew ist das Internet abgeschaltet (z. B. in den Wohnheimen der Polytechnischen Universität). Innerhalb einiger Stunden ist in Kiew de facto der Ausnahmezustand eingeführt worden. Ohne geheimdienstliche Aufklärung, Planung und Vorbereitung wäre dies nicht…

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Lesya Orobets: Ich glaube!

  1. Ich glaube an eine freie, vereinte und wohlhabende Ukraine “vom Don bis an die Donau”.

  2. Jeder Bürger, der arbeitet oder Dienstleistungen erbringt, hat ein Anrecht auf angemessene, wohlhabende und sichere Lebensbedingungen.

  3. Die Bestrafung aller Verbrechen muss sichergestellt sein. Straftäter müssen strafrechtlich verfolgt werden, auch wenn dies Jahre oder Jahrzehnte dauert, bis man sie findet und bestrafen kann. Bürger, die sich an das Gesetz halten haben genießen auch Rechte, nicht nur Kriminelle. Continue reading

Lesya Orobets: My beliefs

Voices of Ukraine

Lesya Orobets, MP
02.17.2014  FB status update

My beliefs:

1. I believe in a free, united and prosperous Ukraine from the “Sian to the Don.”

2. Each working and productive citizen shall prosper in dignity and security.

3. The penalty for a crime must be inevitable, criminals must be brought to justice, with a probability of 100%, even if it takes years or decades to find and prosecute them. These are honest people who have rights – not criminals.

4. The functions of state government should be as small and as cheap as possible. The state apparatus creates nothing in principle, the state is only the mechanism for the redistribution of resources – and the most ineffective of all.

5. The state is supposed to take care of being a defense against external enemies, diplomatic relations, maintaining the security of citizens and their property, justice, the promotion of fundamental research. THAT’S IT.

6. With…

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Opposition MP Orobets: No progress whatsoever in negotiations with Viktor Yanukovych

Progress report, three weeks after talks with Yanukovych began

1. Not one political prisoner has been exonerated despite the new “amnesty law”. The prosecution is seeking to sentence many of them to 12 to 15 years but, so as not to attract too much attention, has been willing to release them for a few months first by placing them under “house arrest”. Then there’s yesterday’s winner, which saw four Afghan veterans arrested for bringing a pickpocket to the police [in a citizen’s arrest]. The thief, I expect, has since been released, perhaps even patted on the back and offered some smokes.

2. Viktor Yanukovych is still President, Viktor Pshonka Prosecutor General, and Volodymyr Rybak Speaker [of the Ukrainian Parliament]. Ihor Kaletnyk remains First Deputy Speaker, while Vitaliy Zakharchenko is still Interior Minister. These so-called ministers of the former Cabinet [which resigned] persistently forget the “Acting” in their titles. Continue reading