They who defeat fear will win

Lesya Orobets:

Yanukovych’s actions are easy to understand. Very easy, in fact. Just put yourself in his position, and look at the situation through the lens of fear.

The fear to lose power and, consequently, the looted money and wealth. The fear to die. The fear of open competition. The fear of a sucker punch (and therefore a desire to hit first).

Looking at the situation through Yanukovych’s lens of fear, one would understand the actions and reactions of the repressive throne-protecting machine, which they still keep calling the Ukrainian state. Continue reading

MPs from Party of Regions hit opponents as they try to prevent violation of law


Volodymyr Struk, deputy of the parliamentary faction from the ruling Party of Regions hit Lesya Orobets, deputy of the opposition faction BYuT (Block of Yulia Tymoshenko), while she was trying to prevent him from casting a vote with another deputy’s personal card.

The current procedure foresees casting votes by personal cards – one deputy can vote only once with a personal card only. Using someone other’s card is prohibited by law and unofficially called “button-pushing”.

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Oppositonal MP Lesya Orobets’ appeal on the matter of concessions made by Yanukovych

Photo by Viktor Gurniak

To everyone concerned.

At a present moment NO concessions were made by Yanukovich. These are tactical goals of steps undertaken (“voluntary resignation” of Azarov, “repeal of dictatorship laws”):

  • to save foreign assets of Yanukovich’s family, his circle and oligarchs from immediate sanctions by Western governments;
  • to defeat the informational wave in Western media by making an illusion of “compromise” and “normalisation”;
  • to avoid harming Putin’s Olympics with a background of poorly veiled intervention into internal affairs of Ukraine. Continue reading