The “honest” rating: TOP-20 officials that do not live on what they make

Transparency International has calculated who out of the officials in 2013 spent more than they have earned. We have outlined the most generous ones. Three are still working. 

On June 6th on the website of the Ministry of Justice, a bill “Regarding corruption prevention” has been uploaded for social discussion. The document presumes the emergence of yet another anti-corruption institution – the National Committee for the Prevention of Corruption. One of the functions of the future committee is controlling the governors’ expenses. This might become an effective instrument to counter corruption.

On June 10th at the roundtable talks “How to organise effective control of welfare” the representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the international organisation Transparency International presented a rating of Ukrainian officials whose expenses are several times larger than their officially declared salaries. When calculating the expenses, they accounted for the movable and immovable assets belonging to the officials, expenses for the purchase of personal items, education and provision for members of their families, hobbies, travel and leisure, formal events and so forth. The revenue was taken from annual declarations. Overall, more than 400 high-standing officials were analysed, there are 69 finalists who have spent an indecently large sum. Continue reading


In Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, criminal charges and a house full of refugees await Tsariov

Dnipropetrovsk – Local Auto-Maidaners started accommodating refugees from Donbass to Oleg Tsariov’s house near Dnipropetrovsk. The initiators of this action claim this is temporary, the mansion, as before, is still the property of the former member of the parliament, its confiscation is not being planned. Law enforcement does not comment on the legitimacy of these actions, however they are expecting the return of the former “regional.” Several criminal cases have been drawn up against him and his companies here. Meanwhile experts are doubtful about the escapee’s own statements regarding his swift return from Russia. They are also skeptical about the fact that the Verkhovna Rada will realise the order to hold Tsariov criminally responsible in the nearest future.
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New political party formed in Ukraine

Serhiy Tyhypko

A group of MPs from the Party of Regions announced their withdrawal from their former party and faction in parliament and the formation of a new group in opposition to the current government, reports Espreso.TV on April 8.

Former Party of Regions member Serhiy Tyhypko, who was recently expelled from the party, posted the announcement on his Facebook page.

According to the authors of the statement, “the recent tragic events in Ukraine and current developments in the country today have had no influence on the leadership of the Party of Regions and its ability to soberly assess the situation.”

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The pro-Russian meetings were ‘approved’ by Yefremov and financed by the elite.

The local political and business elite in the east of Ukraine have made a stand against the Kyiv government, reports TSN. According to the citizens of Donetsk and Luhansk, Euromaidan activists and those who are for Ukrainian unity are the enemy. They were convinced by propaganda and, in particular, by local TV.

In Luhansk, the media is curated by Yefremov’s right hand man, Radion Miroshnik. What he is doing on air cannot be called anything other than subversive activity.

While trying to discover who is in charge of undermining the sovereignty of the country—ideological separatists or puppets of the local government and Russia— journalists uncovered a hidden structure. Continue reading

Yefremov’s Accounts Blocked for “Financing of Terrorism”

State Financial Monitoring Service has blocked personal accounts of Oleksandr Yefremov, chair of the Party of Regions faction in Rada and head of the Luhansk oblast organization of the Party of Regions. Yefremov reported this during a press conference today, “Luhansk.Commentaries” informs.  Continue reading

The Election for President of Ukraine: An Analysis

Yulia Tymoshenko

By Serhiy Leshchenko, Ukrayinska Pravda, March 28, 2014

Tymoshenko or Poroshenko?

Nine years ago this choice was not made by all of Ukraine, but by one person — the newly elected Viktor Yushchenko, who simultaneously promised the post of prime minister to both collaborators. Now these competitors from 2005 are competing again, but on the electoral front while trying to forget the Yushchenko era as a terrible nightmare.

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Magnificent photos of the palace of Yuriy of Yenakiyevo have appeared in the internet

Photos of another project of a palace belonging to Party of Regions members have been released. The photos have been published on the Facebook page of a freelancer in ARD Gosha Tykhiy.

A new episode of “The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie. The palace of Yuriy Ivanyushchenko. This is a project, but is almost completely implemented,” – commented Tykhiy commented on the photos.

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Tigipko: Party of Regions Preparing for Convention

22 February 2014, Ukrainian National News

The Party of Regions will soon hold a convention to determine their future plan of action, said PoR MP Serhiy Tigipko at a press briefing in the Parliament.

“Presidential elections will take place in three months and the party needs to get ready for it. The leadership of the party will not change for the time being. Yefremov is at the moment absent in the parliament, but we have no issues with the leadership of the faction,” said Tigipko.

He confirmed that in the last few days, during the clashes on the streets, 77 MPs left the parliamentary faction. “All others are staying, and the last one to leave will be Serhiy Tigipko,” he said.

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