Where will the Cronies of Yanukovych Flee: Addresses of their Relatives in the US

Serhiy Leshchenko, Ukrainska Pravda

20 February 2014

MPs from the Party of Regions have a place to flee in case civil war breaks out in Ukraine. For some of them, the US could become a haven.

In recent days, we have been able to identify at least two addresses of the relatives of senior Party of Regions members in the US.

Serhiy Kluyev, Party of Regions MP and chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for Cooperation with the US Congress, and his brother Andrey Kluyev, Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, act jointly and bear responsibility for the bloodshed in Ukraine.

Serhiy Kluyev’s daughter Olga has changed her last name to Ertefay after marriage. She resides in Florida at:

1200 Gulf Blvd, Apt 102

Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

Sergiy Tigipko announces primary steps to crisis resolution

Party of Regions MP Sergiy Tigipko said on his FB page that a solution to the crisis in the country requires several steps, including the resignation of Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Rybak (Party of Regions faction) and the urgent election of a prime minister supported by all factions. 

“The president, the parliament speaker, the acting prime minister, and opposition leaders have completely lost control of the situation in the country and do not offer any solutions to bring peace. Their inaction is leading to increased confrontation and deaths. Immediate concrete steps, rather than mock negotiations, are needed to resolve the crisis in the country. I think that the primary steps should be: Continue reading

Members Desert Party of Regions

Verkhovna Rada

Yuriy Blahodyr posted on his FB page: “I have submitted a request to leave the Party of Regions. I regret I did it so late. Kept hoping for something.”

Source: gazeta.ua

7 Rada MPs Leave Pro-Government Faction: Igor Eremeyev and six other legislators took the side of the people. The MPs promised to use every occasion to oppose any decision which contradicts the will of the Ukrainian people.

The seven MPs, elected by the majority, stated that the government has finally discredited itself and said that every MP should make their choice: whether he or she is with the people or against them.

“We are majoritarian MPs and every one of us had more than 150 thousand voters behind us. Today our voters are among those shedding their blood on Maidan,” says the statement, posted on Igor Ermeyev’s website. The statement maintains that no MP has the right to stand by, hoping to avoid responsibility.

The petition was signed by the following MPs: Igor Eremeyev, Stepan Ivahiv, Serhiy Martynyak, Igor Palytza, Sergey Labazyuk, Victor Tymoshenko, and Viktor Pylypyshyn




Odesa: In his statement, Olexiy Honcharenko said that he was shocked by what happened yesterday in Kyiv, that though both sides are to blame in any conflict, by definition the blame lies with the authorities in the first place. After what happened yesterday, he said, the authorities have blood on their hands. Continue reading

Majority lawmakers say government has completely discredited itself

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 23:27

A group of lawmakers from majority constituencies announced their support for the people and discredited the government. The website of one of legislator, Ihor Yeremeyev, has published the statement signed by 7 lawmakers.

“People were killed on the streets of Kyiv. The government has completely discredited itself and de facto removed itself from responsibility for events in the country. We are lawmakers from majority constituencies, and every single one of us was elected by around 150,000 voters. We fulfill their will as representatives of the people in Verkhovna Rada,” the statement follows. Continue reading

Dozens of Party of Regions Members Fled Ukraine

Twenty-six members of the Party of Regions flew out of Ukraine on a chartered jet owned by former Prime Minister Azarov’s son. They left Ukraine around midnight. Khvylia obtained this information from a source in the Party of Regions.

Another source pointed out that Vladimir Rybak, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, claimed that there will be no parliamentary session tomorrow, because it appears to be impossible to gather the Party of Regions parliamentary fraction together.

Yesterday, Renat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s richest oligarch, said that the conflict between the regime and the Maidan must be resolved peacefully. Another oligarch, Viktor Pinchuk, supported him.

The General Secretary of NATO, as well as a number of leaders of European states, have demanded an immediate halt to violence in Ukraine.  US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt stated that Viktor Yanukovych bears full responsibility for everything that has taken place.

As a result of clashes in Kyiv, around 20 people were killed and thousands of people have been wounded. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that three policemen were killed and another 35 are seriously wounded.

Translated by William Risch

Edited by Mariana Budjeryn

Source: hvylya.org

Donetsk PR calls for government to “restore order” now.

sshot-1Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 16:40 Kyiv time

The Donetsk regional organization of the Party of Regions (PR) demands that the government use its capabilities “to restore order.” It is said in their statement released on Facebook.

In Donetsk, PR suggested that the truce was a cunning trick from the opposition, and it “was designed to hide an aggressive plan by the militants to seize power in the country.” The PR members claimed that the opposition has moved to “lynching their political opponents”, as evidenced by the seizure of the party’s office in Kyiv. Continue reading

A Feeling of Anxiety

Photo from lvivmediaforum.com

Photo from lvivmediaforum.com

Mustafa Nayem

The Party of Regions urgently needs to appoint a new Prime Minister as this is one of the conditions to get the new tranche of the loan from Russia. It is obvious that the new Prime Minister will be approved by everyone inside of the Party. The only thing left is to come to an agreement with the opposition lest it prevents the Parliament from voting and the mood on the Maidan tenses up.

For the opposition, this presents another chance to force the Party of Regions to consider returning the 2004 Constitution. It will to be worse if the Party of regions will resort to blackmail and will sell the voting for the Prime Minister in a package with an ambiguous promise “of a possibility of reverting to the 2004 Constitution” and/or together with, for example, the post of the Rada speaker. Continue reading

On Tuesday, February 18, the “Regionals” will be shown a candidate for prime minister

Monday, 17 February 2014, at 17:54

The candidate for prime minister will be considered at a meeting of the Party of Regions fraction. Ukrainska Pravda was informed by Oleh Tsariov, deputy head of the PR fraction in response to a question whether proposals were already discussed by deputies. “We will be discussing this tomorrow.  At 8:30,” – he said.

Continue reading

Experts believe new government to be led by Kluyev, Medvedchuk, Arbuzov or Poroshenko

Dmytro Barkar, Radio Svoboda

Kyiv–According to analysts interviewed by Radio Svoboda, it is unlikely that a new Cabinet composed of a mix of politicians from the opposition and those favoring the president will be formed. They point out that this is exactly the type of compromise expected by representatives of the European Union, and would be the only type of government that could attract financial support from the West. However, experts believe that a Cabinet formed according to the wishes of the Kremlin is much more likely.

In an interview with Radio Svoboda, political scientist Serhiy Taran pointed out that Ukraine’s political and economic crisis could be solved by a government composed of individuals that would not upset the Maidan, but he believes the new government will not meet this criteria. Continue reading

Florian Kellermann, “‘We Must Clear Our Land of Those People'” (Die Welt, Feb. 11, 2014)

Pro-Yanukovych Rally in Donetsk

Pro-Yanukovych Rally in Donetsk

Die Welt
February 11, 2014, 10:14
Florian Kellermann, “ ‘We Must Clear Our Land of Those People’” (Translation by William Risch)
The east of Ukraine was a region that voted for Yanukovych for President in 2010. It is they who are demanding order and the clearing of Independence Square in Kyiv – “if necessary, with force, too.” Continue reading