Poroshenko offers to sign an agreement with the EU immediately after his inauguration

UNIAN – May 28, 2014

Poroshenko believes it is necessary not to delay signing the economic part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. The signing could take place immediately after his inauguration as the new President, according to Poroshenko’s press service. Continue reading


Update on Elections and What’s Next for Ukraine

By Jon Barrow

As expected, we’ve seen an upturn in jonviolence in the east. We can expect even more today and tomorrow. The more people vote, the greater the credibility of the elections.

Good news that Akhmetov seems to have come aboard, at last; though his support seems Soviet-style – automatic or paid – rather than genuine. The old faces can be both dangerous enemies and dangerous friends – able to corrupt from the inside. One hope is that a rule-of-law and free competition environment (which western structures will insist on) might suit the oligarchs, now that they have their wealth; but they will be wary of ending up in Firtash’s position – under extradition to the US. Continue reading

Розкажи Світу Правду про Президенські Вибори 2014 в Україні


Шановні Українці та гості нашої країни!

У нас є унікальна можливість передати на весь світ правдиву інформацію про важливі для майбутнього України Президентські Вибори 2014.

Від сьогодні, Ви теж можете стати міжнародним журналістом, який висвітлює виборчу компанію, процес голосування, роботу виборчих комісій на Президентських Виборах в Україні і розповсюдити інформацію на весь світ через 250 міжнародних телевізійних каналів.  Continue reading

Покажи миру правду об избирательной кампании 2014 в Украине

Пусть мир знает правду о выборах и избирательной кампании 2014 в Украине


Уважаемые жители и гости Украины!

У Вас есть уникальная возможность передать миру правдивую информацию о столь важных для  будущего Украины выборах 2014.

Отныне Вы можете стать международным журналистом , освещая  выборную компанию,  процесс голосования, работу избирательных комиссий на грядущих выборах в Украине и распространить информации по всему миру , через 250 международных телевизионных каналов. Continue reading

Act Now! Vote For Ukraine!

voteAsk what you can do for your country.

Authors: Iuliia Zubrytska, Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program Alumnus and a lawyer (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Dr. Markian Shulakewych, M.D., FRCPC, Canadian specialist physician with extensive medical experience in Ukraine (Ottawa, Canada)

In March 2014, Iuliia Zubrytska and Dr. Markian Shulakewych interviewed Maryana Zayats (Winnipeg, Canada), focusing on civil society democratic engagement in the upcoming Ukrainian Presidential elections, first round voting May 25, 2014, and possible second round voting June 15, 2014, and hopefully soon to be scheduled Ukrainian Parliamentary elections, and what Canada, Ukrainian diaspora and Ukrainian citizens can do to enhance, facilitate and realize the voting process. Continue reading

Let The World Know The Truth About Ukrainian Election Rally 2014

10252180_537062129744788_5675998115586268337_nDear citizens and guests of Ukraine! You have a unique opportunity to let the world know the truth about the historical Ukrainian 2014 elections.

From now on and for the next 4 days of the presidential election rally in Ukraine you can become an international news journalist and spread information around the globe for more than 250 international TV channels worldwide.

Just use your Smartphone or Tablet to capture unique materials and create your News Package about the election rally all over Ukraine with footage about agitation, hidden advertising, bribery, forgery, violations, fights, sabotage, voting breakdowns, etc.  Continue reading

Mariupol Electoral Commission Members Did Not Obey ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’

mariupolThe representatives of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ have showed up to the meeting of the electoral commission in the comprehensive secondary school number 64, and have demanded that they close down the polling station.

However, the members of the electoral commission did not obey, saying: – “Nobody was interfering with your referendum, now do not interfere with our elections”. Continue reading

UPP’s Klymenko Quits, Supports Poroshenko

Monday, May 19, 2014,19:29

лднOleksandr Klymenko, the candidate for president from the Ukrainian People’s Party, has ended his campaign. The UPP will now support front-runner Petro Poroshenko.

Klymenko made the announcement on May 17 in Poltava, during the conference of a regional UNP organization. This was reported via Facebook by Olena Zadorozhna, press-secretary of Petro Poroshenko’s election headquarters in Poltava and national deputy Taras Kutovyi. Continue reading

Ukrainian Army Takes Control Of Election Committees in Luhansk Oblast

The Ukrainian army took control of election committees in Luhansk Oblast. Oleksandr Chernenko, chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, has written this on his Facebook page.

“Today a military unit took a building where the district election commission #114 is situated in Bilovodsk under their control. Ukrainian election committee observers witnessed this incident. Troops in camouflage and helmets arrived on a truck. The locals somehow confused them with Russian soldiers. The district election commission chairman Volodymyr Nesmeianov told us that the Ukrainian military took the building under their control,” wrote Chernenko on Thursday, May 15.  Continue reading

Remember that everyone holds the fate of millions in his hands


Soon we will elect the next president of Ukraine. We have already experienced several similar elections, but this time, after the tragic events on the one hand and the national awakening at Maidan on the other, while standing on the threshold of significant changes in our social life and a real opportunity to live in a normal democratic country, this vote is of particular importance for our nation.

From the history of many nations over the centuries, we know how important a person leader is, regardless of what we may call him: emperor, king, prince, hetman, president, secretary general.

A good leader, sincerely devoted to his people and truly wishing them well, is a great joy for the people. A bad leader, focused not on the common good but on other things, can be said to be a curse on the people. Continue reading