Russians set up “Enemies of the People” booth in Simferopol

An information booth with photos of people who do not support the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been set up in Simferopol. A similar photo has been posted on the Facebook page of the influential Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov, reports Espreso.TV, April 15.

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Faces of Maidan

Fourteen protesters describe why they came to Maidan, what they were doing, and what they want
Andrew, 26, is a a medician from Chernihiv who has been at Maidan for two months. He is a member of the 5th Sotnia in the Maidan self-defense.

Was it terribly scary on Hrushevsky Street? It wasn’t, when it was heavy action. I’m opposed to Yanukovych because of the low salaries and poverty. Yes, I understand that the EU Association Agreement doesn’t mean that everything will all of a sudden become great and that we’ll see an [immediate] rise in salaries. It won’t be easy at first, maybe even harder than it is now. We’ll need a little time. But then it will improve. What do I want most of all? I want it to be over. But we’ll stand here till the end. Continue reading

One rebel’s story from Hrushevskiy Street in Ukraine

Someone asked me to talk about Maidan and [the barricades] on Hrushevskiy Street. The most memorable things. So I’ll try. Perhaps because I want to get all of this off my chest. The people who came here deserve to be heard.

Over there, you start to feel proud of your [people][country] and believe in victory. And you know that that the victory depends on you personally. And today, this is the only place in the world where you can be who you are – a human being, for example.

It’s easy to become a hero. All you need is a photo of yourself in front of the barricades. Bonus points if there’s a stack of black smoke in the background. You can then [safely][confidently] return as you type on your phone: “Hey, I’m returning from the front lines. We messed them up badly. But everything’s stable now. See you soon.”  Continue reading

Face to face with the men on EuroMaidan’s barricades (photo journal)


This gallery contains 33 photos.

Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:
One cannot use brute force to quell protesters against a criminal regime. The spirit and the soul are indestructible and will live forever. Kiev 10pm, Feb. 1, 2014Inside one of the hundreds of tents…

“Immoral terrorists” – Portraits of Ukrainian protesters


Premier Minister Mykola Azarov during the Government session of January 22nd said:  “The cynicism and amorality of the terrorists has reached such heights that they throw Molotov coktails into living people. In the night terrorists from Maidan had boken into hotels, captured plenty of citizens that they considered to be their opponents, and brutally beat them”. In answer to this remark of Azarov we translate a series called: Portraits of Ukrainian protesters.

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