Vitali Klitschko warns of Communist Party recruiting pensioners for provocations in Eastern Ukraine

Kyiv mayor candidate Vitaliy Klitschko warns that the Communist Party is preparing massive separatist provocations in Eastern Ukraine. Information about this has been provided from multiple sources, from ordinary Kyivans to political representatives. prov

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National Security official believes Maidan brawl ordered by Russian special services

imgThe huge brawl on Maidan (Independence Square) in the center of Kyiv that took place today, April 29, between Maidan self-defense activists and participants in a torchlight parade was ordered by the Russian special services, states Victoria Syumar, the deputy secretary of the National Security Council, on her Facebook. Continue reading

SSU detains a 23-year old female Russian spy who organized saboteurs

Wkoledaednesday, April 9, 2014, 18:01

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained a Russian citizen who performed intelligence agencies’ tasks to destabilize the situation in the southern regions of Ukraine, informs the SSU’s press service.

Mariya Koleda, born in 1991, arrived in Kherson on April 4 of this year. According to her, this is her ninth trip to Ukraine. “During April 5-6, she had several meetings with the leaders and activists of pro-Russian movements in Kherson, and visited some regional centers to monitor the situation at the local level,” the statement from the SSU reads. Continue reading

Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk


Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk of the ‘Information Resistance’ in his FB post.

“Operative news from the ‘Information Resistance’ group. We, the ‘Information Resistance’ group, have received from our reliable sources satisfactory confirmation of the statement of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry that the observed activity of separatists in eastern Ukraine over the last three days is nothing but the beginning of the second phase of the scenario for the Russian invasion into our country. Continue reading

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Asks Questions of the Day

imagesMarch 11

1. One of the organizers of the separatist rally and seizure of Governor’s office in Luhansk, Arsen Klinchaev, has been detained. This is a natural outcome. Regardless, this is to be determined by a court.

What is more questionable is, how do we respond to the video showing Klinchaev’s  “civic arrest” by MP Oleh Lyashko, which has been posted online. Continue reading

Anton Shekhovtsov: Fascism, “borderless as our lands, and red as our blood”

Voices of Ukraine

Anton Shekhovtsov: Fascism, “borderless as our lands, and red as our blood”


Source: Anton Shekhovtsov’s blog

On the 15th of March, Moscow has witnessed – in addition to the anti-war and anti-imperialist march – a march in support of the Russian military occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The latter was organised by the Essence of Time movement founded and headed by Russian National-Bolshevik Sergey Kurginyan. Here are some pictures from the pro-Kremlin march.

The symbolism of the whole event is best understood by noting a quote from one of the articles by Kurginyan‘s colleague and ideological ally, Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin. In his article “Fascism – borderless and red”, he wrote (the original quote in Russian can be found below):

Russian socialism should be built by new people, a new type of people, a new class. A class of heroes and…

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Provocation and Sabotage Staged by Russian Secret Services

imagesTuesday, March 11, 2014, 15:34

The Security Service of Ukraine has evidence of involvement by Russian intelligence in organizing provocations in Ukraine, said SSU head Valentyn Nalyvaychenko.

“In an open briefing, we will present evidence, including detained employees of the Intelligence Service  of Ministry of Defense of Russia, who are directly involved in organizing sabotage on our native land,” said Nalyvaychenko. Continue reading

Mykola Kapliy, General of Police: “I give three days to those in power.”

General of Police Mykola Kapliy, former head of the Interior Ministry in Cherkasy Oblast and Acting Chief of the Oblast Security Service of Ukraine, has stated that he will give the government and law enforcement bodies three days to reduce hostilities towards one another in the oblast. Otherwise, he states that will lead more than 10,000 people to the street–Afghanistan veterans, Chernobyl liquidators, soldiers, and former and current police officers.

“While I was abroad, several assaults of the Cherkasy Oblast branch of the State Department occurred. Upon my return, I learned that these events were, in fact, contrived provocations. Militia officers disclosed the whole scenario to me. In fact, honest people were framed by the provocateurs. I called General Lipandin, Cherkasy Police Chief, and offered to meet; he was outright rude, but I lost my temper as well. Therefore I gave Valeriy Chernyak, the Head of the Oblast Council, three days to arrange a meeting with Lipandin in order to discuss these matters face-to-face. I know the name of the person in the government who organized the assault. The same scenario was carried out in Donetsk, where the government staged an attack led by eurointegrators at a peaceful meeting. In reality, it was a fighting between two well-organized groups of titushkiy [hired thugs named after Vadym Titushko]. In Cherkasy, one group was located within the State Department building while a second group attacked from outside. Lipandin must be stopped and the illegal arrests must be put to an end. Of course, all political prisoners in Cherkasy must be released.
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