Yanukovych addresses the nation, blaming opposition

Dear fellow citizens!

Together we have faced many challenges. But the one that we are facing today is perhaps the most difficult of them all. There has been a disaster. People have died. And that is tremendously painful and tragic for each of us. But we must endure and overcome this together.

From the very beginning of this confrontation, I have called for dialogue, being categorically opposed to solutions involving force, particularly bloodshed. That is my guiding principle – that no power is worth shedding even a single drop of blood. This is the very principle that guided me in 2004, when I stopped my supporters from clashing with those of my opponent. That is why, even in today’s conflict, I was betting on dialogue. Because God gave people the ability to speak so that they could understand each other. Continue reading


Berkut and Armored Vehicles Storm Maidan

8f2aebc-btrThe riot police are moving on the Maidan barricades with the help of armored vehicles, reports an Espreso.tv correspondent on its website. According to his report, an armored vehicle had battered the barricade, followed by the Berkut riot police and Interior Ministry troops who moved in after it.

Maidan protesters are defending themselves by hurling Molotov cocktails. They are being attacked by flash-bang grenades in return. Continue reading