The problem of the refugees: a lucky chance or an irreversible threat

Valeriy Pekar, UP

Some journalists have already started talking about “refugees from hot spots.” We think in words, and many of our military problems are rooted in the fact that we have spent too much time calling the occupants “green men,” and the terrorists “the militia” etc. 

There are no “hot spots” and no “refugees” in Ukraine. 

In Ukraine, there is a zone of activity of terrorist organisations and there are refugees from it. 

Therefore lets not talk about “refugees from hot spots,” but about refugees from the zone of terrorist organisation activities.  Continue reading


Refugees from Donbas as seen by the volunteers

Recently, Facebook posts have become more frequent about the fact that those who have come from the eastern regions act somehow strangely, they are rude and dissatisfied with everything, even though they themselves have always been the least politically active citizens of Ukraine.  Continue reading

Over 30,000 Shelters Prepared for the Donbas Refugees

4 June 2014

According to the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, a database of the locations where people from “critical” regions can move to has been created.

Over 30,000 shelters have been prepared for the refugees from the “critical” regions of Ukraine, as reported by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema before the government meeting.

According to Mr. Yarema, within the last week only around 15,000 refugees fled from Donetsk Oblast. Continue reading

Terrorists demand payment for leaving Kramatorsk: USD 1,000 for an adult and USD 500 for a child, says Centurion Parasiuk

terrorist moneyRefugees continue arriving from Kramatorsk, mostly families with children. According to the refugees, the terrorists must be paid USD 1,000 per adult and USD 500 per child.

Volodymyr Parasiuk, Maidan Centurion, who is currently in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, reports on Facebook that terrorists are demanding money from people leaving Kramatorsk.

“Mr. Tsariov’s house is being set up to accommodate refugees from the east. Two families have already been settled there. We were also meeting families from Kramatorsk today. Families with children mostly. Some of the men have joined the battalion. They say that terrorists at roadblocks demand money from the refugees. To leave the city, every adult must pay USD 1,000, and USD 500 for a child,” reports Parasiuk. Continue reading

“Authorities” of Self-Proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” Prevent Refugees From Leaving the Region 05.06.2014

The “government” of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” prevents refugees from leaving the region. Reported by Ukrzaliznytsia press Centre (Ukrainian Railways). Continue reading

Donbas refugees find shelter on Yanukovych’s estate


Photo: Hryhoriy Salay, Segodnya

The first refugees arriving in Kyiv from the eastern regions of Ukraine have been placed in the presidential residence in Mezhyhirya, reports the newspaper, May 13.

According to the newspaper, dozens of refugees from Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kramatorsk and some 20 from Crimea are being housed in the two-story building where Yanukovych’s closest servants were to live.

Continue reading

Lviv welcomes refugees from Crimea

According to the head of the Lviv Oblast Administration Iryna Sekh, some 2000 refugees from Crimea, mostly Crimean Tatars, are currently in the Lviv area, reports gazeta.lviv, on March 22.  They have been joined by a number of ethnic Ukrainians and Russians who do not wish to live under Russian occupation.  Sekh estimates that the oblast can accommodate an additional 2,000 refugees. Continue reading