Donetsk Oblast collects only 36% of its expenses in taxes

Oligarch Rinat Akhmetov

Oligarch Rinat Akhmetov

Donetsk Oblast collects only 36% of its expenses in taxes

A very interesting figure was cited at a meeting between a group of journalists and Verkhovna Rada chairman [Oleskandr] Turchynov yesterday [March 22]. Authorities conducted an audit of all benefits and budget subsidies in all regions of Ukraine. Continue reading


Yatsenyuk describes money laundering schemes involving the National Bank of Ukraine and tax authorities

launderingUkraine’s new government revealed corrupt money laundering schemes which were concealed by the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), tax authorities, and other state bodies, who received 8% of the total volume in fees.

The NBU concealed the money laundering schemes using the foreign exchange (FX) market, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in a meeting with Ukrainian businessmen, according to LigaBusinessInform. Continue reading

Where is the punishment for the sadists?


Ihor Lutsenko

This is the first question for the government. The only other comparable issue is the threat to territorial integrity. Questions of staffing should be of a distant secondary nature.

As of now, there are still 290 members of the Berkut riot police who remain free, despite having beaten [peaceful protesters] on November 20, and thousands of their colleagues who later shot, tortured and killed.

Also free are the judges, who knowingly sought to conceal the repression through their unlawful decisions. Continue reading

Andriy Portnov, lawyer for the regime, has blood on his hands

Society today is yearning to see harsh punishment for officials who have abused the nation these past few years. What people crave most is justice for those responsible for the deaths of innocent Ukrainians, whose blood is on the hands of Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko, Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka and, of course, President Viktor Yanukovych.

For some reason, however, Andriy Portnov, first deputy head of the Presidential Administration [under Yanukovych], does not figure prominently on the list of “key pillars” of the regime. This is unfortunate.  He is, after all, the one responsible for the raider-like attacks on the Constitution and for transforming the courts into a tool of repression for the regime.

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Businesses Forced to Pass On up to 50% of Their Turnover as Bribes in Recent Years – FEU

9_1_small (1)Business entities in all economic sectors and segments in Ukraine, without exception, are facing the problem of corruption. Depending on the type and area of their activity, businesses have been forced to pass on up to 50% of their turnover in recent years as bribes. This is the figure announced on February 26 by Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine (FEU) Dmytro Oliynyk in the course of an expanded meeting of Kyiv City employers.

“We understand that entrepreneurs are frequently subjected to demands for bribes by officials; however, once businesses refuse to comply with unlawful demands of government representatives and to enter into corrupt conspiracies, corruption as a social evil in business and in the state will be defeated,” emphasized Oliynyk. Continue reading

Kremlin advisor urgently seeking counter-propaganda agents in Ukraine

A Kremlin consultant Close to the ruling party Yedinaya Rossiya, Dmitriy Orlov, is urgently looking for agents for counter-propaganda and organizing mass rallies in Ukraine. He wrote this on his Facebook page.

“Kremlin adviser needs professionals in analysis of elites, writers, specialists in counter-propaganda and organization of mass events.” Continue reading

The new chief of staff of the Armed Forces was actually ordering the use of the army against Maidan

On February 20, 2014, Yuri Ilyin, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, had ordered that a number of military units move armed and equipped groups to break up Maidan. This is the subject of encrypted messages signed by Ilyin and made available by Glavkom.

These messages were received by the commanders of the 25th separate airborne brigade (Dnipropetrovsk), the 79th separate airborne brigade (Mykolayiv), the 73rd marine center specialty (Ochakiv), and the 1st separate brigade of marines. The approximate number of military personnel that was to be included is 2,500.

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An Appeal by the Hostages of the Repressive Regime

63904The revolution is over. People have died. Those remaining on Maidan are being encouraged to leave. The purpose of the Maidan activists has been to reboot the government, change the entire system of governance, and reaffirm human right and freedoms.

Maidan paid tribute to the fallen Heroes and greeted active participants, but it did not mention those who remain alive – the prisoners of conscience who did not submit to the criminal regime and who were imprisoned on trumped up charges under various provisions of the Criminal Code. The government [is being] rebooted through the appointment of new leaders. But the old system has not yet disappeared. The new government has a duty to protect human right and freedoms!

So what next?! Maybe someone will finally remember about them? Continue reading

“Leninopad” (“Falling Lenins”) This Night in Ukraine

Friday, February 21, 2014, 3.57 pm

Photo and video added at 12.40 pm

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

On the night of February 21, in downtown Zhytomyr, on Soborna Square, activists of the Right Sector movement and regular townsfolk toppled a monument to Lenin.

The attack on the monument started after 10 pm. First, they threw Molotov cocktails and poured gasoline over it. Continue reading

Hennadiy Moskal named the parties responsible for the attacks on Maidan from the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Feb 19, 15:19

Hennadiy Hennadiyovych Moskal, Ukrainian politician, lawyer, MP, Lieutenant-general of police, and Batkivshchyna party member, named the parties responsible for the attacks on Maidan from the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Security Service (SUB) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) implemented two special operations at Maidan on Tuesday, 18 February, which were launched by Acting Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko and Deputy Head of the Security Service Vladimir Totskiy.

According to Moskal’s press service, this was reported by the chairman of the Parliamentary Provisional Investigatory Commission on the Actions of Security Forces.

According to Moskal, the purpose of Tuesday’s operations–Surge by the MIA and Boomerang by the SUB–was to clean up Maidan, Ukrainian House, the House of Trade Unions, and the October Palace. Continue reading