Donetsk governor Taruta promises to close all illegal coal mines in the course of two months

1394541906-2927-sergey-tarutaDonetsk governor Serhiy Taruta promised to close all illegal coal mines in the course of two months during a meeting held with the heads of Regional State Administrations, as reported by UNIAN

“We have a map of the location of these holes. We know where are all the illegal mines are,” said the governor. He also explained that some of these mini-mines can be legalized. According to him, work in this direction had been carried out before, but it was ineffective because people did not trust the government and continued corrupt underground operations.

“All that wish to work legally will receive the rights to do so. And all illegal mines that will not undergo legalisation will be closed. Within two months we will have put an end to this matter,” said Taruta.

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The Battle for Donetsk is on March 16. Why is Akhmetov Doing THIS?

The eyes of the whole world are on Crimea, where on March 16th the Russians are conducting a referendum. But it would be better if those eyes would turn to another corner of Ukraine – to Donetsk. Let’s review briefly what’s going on in the eastern capital, according to what local residents are saying. Throughout Saturday March 15th it was virtually impossible to reach mobile phone subscribers. Mobile signals are being blocked. A full-scale radio war is happening. Crowds of people streamed into the city center, asking passersby the same question: “Where is Lenin Square?” This means that they were out-of-towners, but with a clear instruction, to go to the center. Many of these people looked peculiar, scaring Donetsk residents who fearfully pressed their backs into walls. The city is full of people who look like criminals and thugs. They say in Donetsk that on Sunday, March 16th, around 50 thousand provocateurs will stage mass unrests with certainty of casualties.

‘Rise, Donbas! We will tear to pieces the bandera scum!’

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Provocation and Sabotage Staged by Russian Secret Services

imagesTuesday, March 11, 2014, 15:34

The Security Service of Ukraine has evidence of involvement by Russian intelligence in organizing provocations in Ukraine, said SSU head Valentyn Nalyvaychenko.

“In an open briefing, we will present evidence, including detained employees of the Intelligence Service  of Ministry of Defense of Russia, who are directly involved in organizing sabotage on our native land,” said Nalyvaychenko. Continue reading

Gerade fndet eine Kundgebung für eine geeinte und friedliche Ukraine im Donezker Stadtzentrum statt: immer mehr Menschen mit Staastfahnen schließen sich an.


Um 18:00 (Ortszeit) fing heute vor der Erzengel Michael Statue eine Kundgebung für eine geeinte, unabhängige und friedliche Ukraine an. Über 2.000 Menschen versammelten sich und sangen die ukrainische Hymne. Danach riefen sie: “Ukraine-Donezk”. Die Demonstranten verlangten von ihrem neuen Bürgermeister Serhij Taruta, dass er seine Macht in die Hände nimmt und eine Lustration durchführt. Continue reading

Mass protests against Russian invasion in Eastern Ukraine and Russia

March 2, 2014. Oleksandra Kondratenko, Anna Mostovych

Yesterday, on March 1, 2014 Russia declared war on Ukraine. The President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, asked the Federation Council to authorise the use of force in Ukraine. The affirmative decision was taken unanimously at 5:21:57 (Kyiv time).

Voting of the Federation Council. In favour: 90 out of 90. Decision taken.

Voting of the Federation Council. In favour: 90 out of 90. Decision taken.

This was a totally unexpected decision not for Ukraine only but for the whole world. Declaration of war was severely condemned by single countries like US, Poland, Sweden etc. but also generally on the international level, i.e. in the EU, UN and NATO. But as Ukrainians have seen since end November 2013 it hasn’t gone much further then expressing grave concern and condemning the actions of Russia. Continue reading

Odesa Governor Supports Legitimate Transfer of Power


Mykola Skoryk, Head of Odesa oblast administration, made public details of his talk about the personnel changes with O. Turchynov, Acting President of Ukraine.

“We will implement all decisions regarding changes in the oblast personnel made legally. Therefore, I would like to ask the political organizations to avoid swinging the situation. There should be no vacuum of power and it must be transferred legitimately in Odesa oblast,” Mr. Skoryk said at the Council of political parties’ meeting held in Odesa oblast administration on 27 Feb. Continue reading

The Right Sector is blocking the cargo of Yanukovych’s associates in the harbor of Kherson

1393419398996The organization Right Sector claims that resources worth millions of USD are located in the harbor of Kherson, and that associates of President Viktor Yanukovych, ousted by the Rada, are trying to take them out of the country.

This was stated by Andriy Tarasenko, one of the organization’s leaders, reports е

“Right Sector representatives were made aware that Yanukovych’s associates and their mafia had gathered resources worth millions of USD that were stolen from the Ukrainian people. After receiving this information, Right Sector fighters entered the port area and surrounded the cargo containers and bookkeeping, preventing it from leaving Ukraine in an unknown direction,” reported Tarasenko. Continue reading

The day when Lviv spoke Russian and Donetsk – Ukrainian

The new Ukrainian government that took the scene after Yanukovych fled repealed the controversial language law adopted on July 3, 2012 (adopted with multiple violations of the voting procedure). The law granted the Russian language the de-facto status of a second state language on a backdrop of withering opportunities for the Ukrainian language, oppressed througout the long history of Ukraine’s russification in the times of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. This was a cause for unrest in the predominantly Russian-speaking Eastern and Southern regions, where calls for separatism have not been uncommon recently, not without the help of Russian propaganda and specific politicians. Speculating on the issue of language is an old trick that the Ukrainian authorities have learned to raise around the time of elections. It seems Ukrainians have finally recognised the true reasons for “language games”. The more the different regions hate one another and the more they are afraid of each other, the less unified they are against their common enemy – corrupt officials and oligarchs that steal money.  On February 26, the Ukrainian-speaking Western city of Lviv declared that its residents would be speaking Russian in solidarity with the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine’s Eastern and Southern regions.

 Now, language should not be the issue of the day! Lviv wants reelections to the Parliament, and not speculating on language and nationality! On February 26, I will speak Russian at home, at work, with my friends - everywhere, in solidarity with the residents of Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine.

Now, language should not be the issue of the day!
Lviv wants reelections to the Parliament, and not speculating on language and nationality!
On February 26, I will speak Russian at home, at work, with my friends – everywhere, in solidarity with the residents of Southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine.

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Interactive map of Lenin showers in Ukraine released


A total of 180 Lenin monuments were demolished between February 20 and 25, which is more than the number of demolitions during the whole period of independence. created an interactive map showing the chronology and geography of the demolition of 206 Lenin monuments. Overall, there are 114 cities, 51 townships, and 41 villages that have experienced the “Leninfall” from December 8, 2013 to February 25, 2014. The oblasts that witnessed the largest number of demolished monuments in their local communities include Khmelnytsky (35), Cherkasy (20), Poltava (19), Vinnytsia (18), Kyiv (18), Zhytomyr (16), and Chernihiv (16) oblasts. Ukraine’s historical record high was set on February 22, when a total of 89 Lenin monuments were brought down. Derazhniansky district in Khmelnytska oblast has been the absolute leader in the total number of demolished Lenin monuments (13).


Son of Ukrainian Insurgent Army Commander defends Russian language

ukraine-linguistic-divisionLviv intellectuals appealed to the Verkhovna Rada to develop a balanced policy, especially a balanced language policy. Among those who signed the appeal was Yuriy Shukhevych, son of the Commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

The following is their statement.

We call on the Parliament of Ukraine, the newly appointed Cabinet of Ministers, and the acting President of Ukraine to develop and execute a balanced culture and language policy. Continue reading