In Sevastopol 123% of the population voted for secession.

Population of Sevastopol voters increased dramatically during the Crimean “referendum”

Voices of Ukraine

By Marie Luise Beck , Politician
Member of the German Bundestag
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Marie Luise Beck Marie Luise Beck

The official statement of Crimea:

Voter participation in Crimea was 81.36 % according to the head of the election commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, Mykhailo Malyshev.

“By 8PM, 1,250,426 persons cast their ballots. This excludes the results from Sevastopol.
Counting the ballots from Sevastopol, 1,724,563 persons voted,” he said.
Let’s do the math: 1,724,563 – 1,250,426 = 474,137, the number of persons who voted in Sevastopol.

Let’s look at the statistical website of the city of Sevastopol:

At the end of last year, Sevastopol’s population was 385,462, counting children, that are not eligible to vote.

474,137 – 385,462 = 88,675
– the increase in the population during the referendum.

474,137 divided by 385,462 multiplied by 100 equals 123% of Sevastopol’s population who voted for the…

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Pseudo-referendum in Crimea: a list of violations observed

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A referendum is occurring in Crimea today. Its legitimacy is recognized only by Russia, Syria, Venezuela, and North Korea. Activists have documented a number of violations during the course of the referendum.

One of the issues is the fact that ballots were distributed to the voters who are not registered in the voting lists, including nationals of other countries. A Russian citizen with a residence permit in Simferopol was able to get a ballot for the referendum. Continue reading

Bulletins in Crimea are Already Checked in the Right Place, Busloads of Russians coming in

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Predicting the Result of the Crimean Referendum

Tuesday, March 11, 2014, 13:18, by Euan MacDonald

Russia has an unhappy history of arranging referendums in other countries concerning their own independence. Take the example of Latvia:

“[In] July 14–15, 1940, rigged elections were held in Latvia and the other Baltic states. Only one pre-approved list of candidates was allowed for elections for the “People’s Parliament.” The ballots held the following instructions: “Only the list of the Latvian Working People’s Bloc must be deposited in the ballot box. The ballot must be deposited without any changes.” The alleged voter activity index was 97.6%. Most notably, the complete election results were published in Moscow 12 hours before the election closed. Soviet electoral documents found later substantiated that the results were completely fabricated. Tribunals were set up to punish “traitors to the people.” those who had fallen short of the “political duty” of voting Latvia into the USSR. Those who failed to have their passports stamped for so voting were allowed to be shot in the back of the head.” Continue reading