Russian journalists intend to de-mask Kremlin propaganda together with the Ukrainian media

Russian journalists have expressed their support for Ukrainian colleagues and stated their solidarity in monitoring the propagandist lies of Kremlin mass media.

This is said in a statement signed by 15 Russian journalists, reports “Yezhednevniy Zhurnal.”  Continue reading


Arkadiy Babchenko: “Storming Slovyansk Seems Inevitable”


Arkadiy Babchenko is a member of nearly extinct species – a Russian 
journalist trying to make sense of situation in Eastern Ukraine 
without giving fan service to official position of Russian 
government. He is not afraid of asking honest questions and of being 
beaten up for it. Sticking to ethical principles made him a pariah of 
russian journalism. His work is published in his blog and is 
supported by donations from the readers. Many used his blog for 
reference; many others branded him a “national traitor” because 
of it. Arkadiy kept us informed on Second Chechen War, war in 
Georgia, revolution in Kyrgyzstan and protests in Turkey. 
He also was at Maidan in 2013 and 2014. 
(Interview via Anastasiya Ryngis) 

Q: What is the difference between the situation in Slovyansk and the conflicts you have worked on before?

A: All wars are the same. Nobody notices how and when exactly they start. Nobody is taking it seriously and everyone is saying that the “shootings” will end very soon and the war will not really happen. And then the conflict spins out of control and a full-scale war is on our hands. The only thing that stands out in Slovyansk is the real effort Ukrainian Army puts into avoiding the civilian casualties. I saw this with my own eyes and it is really out of ordinary.

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