RT journalist Graham Phillips has had problems with the law before

Graham Phillips, notorious Russia Today freelance reporter, who keeps sharing false information about Ukraine events, has had problems with the law before.

British citizen, Phillips, was accused by London Metropolitan Police for harassing people. Continue reading

How Much Propaganda Can You Get Into 15 Minutes of News?

кузщкеукBy Boris Reitschuster So much propaganda, in 15 minutes of news:   The main ‘news stories’ on Russia’s ‘First Channel’, tonight:

  • Germany is a nation occupied by the United States of America. Germany cannot even promote someone to Colonel without American approval.
  • The United States has spent $5 billion on the putsch in Ukraine.
  • The goal of the United States is to force Ukraine into NATO; and install a missile defense system in Ukraine.
  • America dreams about destroying Russia with a nuclear first strike; but to do so America needs a missile defense system in Ukraine.
  • Most important for America are the areas along the Ukraine-Russia border, but the people there are against the USA.  Therefore the Ukrainian Army is currently exterminating these people, with American consent.

The problem: people who listen to such lies, every day, at some point start to believe some or all of them. At the moment the best reporting on German TV, radio and in print is to summarize – in ten to fifteen lines – the main news of Russian State TV, as above.  Information about the current propaganda on Russian TV would hugely aggravate lobbying by Putin-defenders. By ‘Focus’ reporter Boris Reitschuster, https://www.facebook.com/reitschuster edited by Jon Barrow

The ‘Junta’; and the New Power in Kyiv

by Maksym Vasin

In eastern Ukraine there are rumors about a ‘junta’ in Kyiv; as there are about elusive Ukrainian nationalists and the ‘mighty’ Right Sector.

But for the sake of peace, the inhabitants of Donbas should thoroughly re-consider what the term ‘junta’ means; and what relationship the new Kyiv authority has to a ‘junta’.

According to the dictionary:

Junta – a military, reactionary, terrorist group in Spain and the countries of Latin America

In modern usage the word ‘junta’ is often used to refer to the dictatorship of a group of military leaders, which came to power as a consequence of an armed revolution. Continue reading

Moscow Conducting ‘War of a New Type’ Against Ukraine, Kyiv Says

Paul Goble, originally on Window on Eurasia

Staunton, May 14 – “Russia is conducting against Ukraine a war of a new type,” one that is so different from military campaigns in the past that it is obvious that Moscow has been preparing for its current actions “for several years,” according to Mihail Koval, who is Ukraine’s acting minister of defense.

Yesterday, Koval said that Moscow’s preparations have been going on “for more than one year.” But he added, those who prepared it did not assume that Ukrainian forces would respond as they have by fulfilling their duty. Continue reading

Putin has Erected a New Kind of ‘Propaganda State,’ Yakovenko Says

Paul Goble, originally on Window on Eurasiapropaganda3

Staunton, May 14 – Vladimir Putin has created “a new model” of rule, one in which “propaganda ceases to be propaganda in the normal sense of the word” and becomes instead “a means of generating an alternative reality,” a revolutionary development in statecraft which exceeds anything Stalin or Hitler achieved, according to Igor Yakovenko. Continue reading

Political “actress” spotted again during Luhansk “referendum”

fe49db8-baba-115.jpg.pagespeed.ce.yqvqT5tHWWThe separatist actress Maria Tsypko, who was recently in Odesa taking part in pro-Russian demonstrations, then in Sevastopol as an unfortunate refugee from Odesa, persecuted by the authorities, has now turned up in Luhansk as an organizer of the “referendum.”

Continue reading

Moscow journalist says there was no pregnant woman in Odesa Trade Unions Building

pregnant_odesaA media reviewer from Moscow Elena Rykovtseva has debunked the myth of the pregnant Odesa woman in the Trade Unions Building. A photo of a murdered pregnant woman is being actively shared across social media, but the Moscow-based journalist says there was no pregnant woman in the building.

“Five days have gone by since the Odesa tragedy took place, yet I continue to come across references to “a pregnant woman in the Trade Unions Building.” Even those people who interpret the events from, relatively speaking, the “Maidan” side fall for this. And it absolutely bothers no one that there is still no information about a “pregnant woman.” There are no relatives who would somehow speak out over the loss of their daughter (a sister, etc.), who was in such delicate condition; no father of the unborn child, although I understand that not every unborn child has a father who announces himself; no experts who could attest to this particular hair-raising fact. There’s a ton of hair-raising facts in this story, but surely, figuring out something like this would have to take priority! Or – failing to figure out. After all, this is extremely effective in terms of propaganda”, writes the woman on her Facebook page. Continue reading

Lies of the Russian mass media

Russian President Vladimir Putin gives life question-answer conference.

Putin’s lies

German mercenaries, Dmytro Yarosh’s ever-present business cards, a fitness trainer playing the role of Right Sector activist, and dead people who have signed a letter supporting Vladimir Putin’s actions in Crimea.

Over the past few months, the bloopers and blunders of the Russian mass media have become real hits on social networking websites. Hundreds of Internet memes and posts have been created based on shocking slip-ups.

INSIDER has selected materials in which Russian journalists have distorted the facts. Continue reading

How Russian propaganda uses Facebook


The so-called Odesa doctor Igor Rozovsky

By Maksym Savanevskyy

Ukrainian authorities are ignoring the Internet as one of the most important weapons of war. Unfortunately, Russia, which has been conducting an open war against Ukraine for three months now, is working in this field professionally. It is investing considerable resources to conduct propaganda in the social networks.

The most recent example is the distribution today of the pseudo testimony of an alleged doctor from Odesa, a certain Igor Rozovsky, who reports that as he was trying to assist victims from the trade union building in Odesa, militants prevented him from saving the life of a wounded victim and supposedly told him that he and other Jews of Odesa would soon share the same fate. Continue reading

Twitter account linked to Russia Today posing as Euromaidan PR

Since mid-March, Euromaidan Russian Propaganda  (Euromaidan RP) has been using the Euromaidan PR name to post separatist, anti-Kyiv, anti-Western propaganda and disinformation in an apparent effort to discredit Euromaidan PR. Because they use the Euromaidan PR hashtag, it is possible that people using that hashtag to search for us on Google or Twitter may find fake news.

As of May 4, Euromaidan RP has six followers. Several of their 240 tweets are retweets of material from RT, including articles and videos from RT’s YouTube channel. Euromaidan RP’s own material generally consists of anti-Kyiv and anti-Western propaganda.

All of Euromaidan RP’s tweets appear to bear the Euromaidan PR name, but it is easy to distinguish between a Euromaidan RP tweet and a Euromaidan PR tweet. Continue reading