The ‘Criminal Spring’ In Ukraine’s East

Any serious social disruption is inevitably followed with a wave of crime. Usual social rules and standards weaken, the state loses its privilege on using coercion, authority of the ‘man with the gun’ takes over, large amounts of weapons come into uncontrolled distribution. Such a condition is known as ‘anomy’ in sociology. Currently, Luhansk Oblast is moving towards anomy in quantum leaps, as power-wielding structures are paralyzed while paramilitary armed groups become more and more active. Continue reading


Russian Military Planes Were Ordered to Provoke Ukraine

Sunday, May 11, 2014, 12:06

fd140c1-samo300Russian military pilots were ordered by their authorities to penetrate the airspace of Ukraine on purpose. The information comes from German and U.S. intelligence data as reported by German media including Deutsche Welle. This is proven by radiograms waylaid by NSA USA, Deutsche Welle reports, linking to Bild am Sonntag and the information by the intelligence service of Germany from April 29. Continue reading

Pro-Ukrainian march in Odesa turns deadly: Pro-Russian separatists attack activists and trade unions building set on fire

A pro-Ukrainian rally in the Ukrainian city of Odesa today, May 2, turned violent when pro-Russian separatists began throwing stones at marchers. The clash continued in the Kulikovo field and the Odessa trade union building was set on fire by arsonists. As a result of the fire, 31 people were killed. During the clashes, 4 people were killed and 15 were injured according to the Interior Ministry.

About a thousand activists with Ukrainian flags gathered in Odessa’s Cathedral Square. Football fans were also planning to take part in the march. Not far from their gathering place, there was a small number of police officers. Activists shouted slogans such as: “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes! Glory to the nation! Death to the enemy! East and West together!” as well as anti-Putin chants.

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Russian media distorts again: 3-6 killed in a Sloviansk shootout and as usual the Right Sector is the culprit


Another media provocation: Russian news agencies come up with reasons to ask for a Russian invasion and ways to further aggravate the situation even during Easter.

Yuriy Butusov, editor of, wrote this in Facebook:

“I was about to go to church, and then… (they will not settle down even on such a day…) A media provocation – the Russian news agencies keep coming up with reasons to ask for a Russian invasion and ways to further aggravate the situation even during Easter. “Four people were taken to hospital after a shootout at a checkpoint in Sloviansk, a doctor of a central city hospital told RIA Novosti. On Sunday morning, one of the leaders of the people’s self-defense of Sloviansk told RIA Novosti that during the night a shootout killed three residents at a checkpoint”. In turn, TV channel Rossiya 24, referring to its own correspondent, reported that two of the attackers were also killed. Moreover, the correspondent of Rossiya 24 informs, “two cars were captured, in which the symbolics of the Right Sector were found, together with a large number of weapons that are not used in the service of the Ukrainian Army”. Continue reading

Ukrainians detain Russian GRU officers who acted in Ukraine

Monday, 14 April, 2014, 22:49


Ukrainian Special Service agents detained the officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (GRU) involved in the provocation of the clashes in Ukraine’s east. The secretary of the Council of the National Security and Defense, Andriy Parubiy, stated this in a broadcast on Hromadske TV. Continue reading

Taruta says Russian citizens provoking clashes in Donetsk

Столкновения в Донецке провоцируют граждане России - донецкий губернатор

The head of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration, Serhiy Taruta, is dissatisfied with police actions during the clashes on Lenin square on Friday, March 14, reports news outlet

“I’m dissatisfied with the way police behaved yesterday,” he said. According to Taruta, the authorities are doing everything possible to ensure that no protests take place or, at least, to have them take place in separate locations. Taruta also believes that pro-Ukrainian forces should probably refrain from holding protests now due to high levels of aggression on the part of the pro-Russian forces. Continue reading