Ukraine. People’s resistance: Who is who?

Today, a large amount of so-called public pro-government organizations are formed in the East and South of Ukraine. They can be easily identified by St. George ribbon which they have chosen as their symbol. However, it is harder to tell the ideological difference of these organizations from the ones created by Maidan revolutionaries.

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Video Proof that Government Snipers Killed More Than 15 Persons in Three Hours

February 20, 2014, 1:48 PM.

(The video is for audiences aged 18 and older) is hosting video proof that on Thursday, 20 February, during the exit of law enforcement troops from Instytutska Street, government snipers were shooting at people in Maidan. This can be seen in videos shot by journalist Ihor Zakharchenko and originally posted by Radio Svoboda.

Today at around 9 AM, activists retook positions that were lost on 18 February. Dozens of protesters perished in the clashes.

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Leader du Secteur droit Dmytro Yaroch : Quand 80% de la population ne soutiennent pas le pouvoir la guerre civile est impossible

Mustafa Nayem, Oxana Kovalenko, Ukrainska Pravda, 04 février 2014

S’il y a deux semaines le Secteur droit et le nom de son leader Dmytro Yaroch étaient totalement inconnus, aujourd’hui le Secteur droit est au centre de tous les événements de la révolution en Ukraine.

C’est le 19 janvier après le début des confrontations dans la rue Hrouchevskogo que les journaux dans le monde entier ont publié à la une des images des jeunes hommes – activistes du Secteur droit avec de cocktails Molotov et de balaclaves sur les visages.

Les actions du Secteur droit ont remplacé l’expression « protestations pacifiques » dans tous les reportages sur les événements à Kiev. En même temps leurs actions ont forcé le pouvoir officiel d’entendre les revendications de Maidan et d’abroger les lois antidémocratiques du 16 janvier. Continue reading

Right Sector and Selfdefense State Ceasefire Demands

Thursday, February 20, 2014, 13:26

Right Sector claims that it will make every effort to stop the bloodshed if the powers of Yanukovych are limited and there is a cease-fire by the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA). The joint statement with the Maidan Self-defense group was released on the FaceBook page of Dmytro Yarosh.

“If there is a ceasefire on the part of the occupying divisions of the MIA and an immediate abolition by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the dictatorial powers of Yanukovych, we will make every effort to stop the bloodshed and ensure overall safety,” the statement read.

It was signed by the leader of Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh and for the Leaders of the Maidan Self-Defense organization, National Deputy Andriy Parubiy.

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Why kill Mikhaylo Zhyznevskiy?

1922070_697028490327539_2052590053_nMikhaylo Zhyznevskiy, who was killed in the bloody attack on protestors in Kyiv on January 22, 2014, was a member of the Ukrainian liberation movement known as UNA-UNSO. The organization is affiliated with Right Sector, which is persistently accused of provocations by the pro-government media. A video taken three days before his death, however, shows the 25-year-old Belorussian trying his best to prevent rather than fuel provocations on Hrushevskiy Street.

The video shows Zhyznevskiy trying to persuade protestors, including members of Verkhovna Rada, to keep a safe distance from Berkut and the internal forces in order to avoid any possible altercations. Continue reading

JEWISH MAIDAN SELF-DEFENSE LEADER: At the end of the day, living in this country has been worth it – because we’ve lived to see the Maidan.

Voices of Ukraine

Michael Gold (exclusively for “Hadashot”)
February, 2014
Translated by Olia Knight
Edited by Isis Wisdom


Maidan Self-Defense Maidan Self-Defense

A cap instead of the kippah covering his head, a typical Jewish appearance – this young man could pass for a Yeshiva professor. However, he is one of the leading people in the complicated system of Maidan self-defense units and barricades on Hrushevsky Street [Hrushevskoho].

He requested to keep his name private, for obvious reasons, but proved to be pretty frank for the rest of our conversation.

–     How did you end up THERE? What did Maidan mean to you, and to you as a Jew?

–     Like the majority of people, I came to Maidan not “for” something, but “against” something – in general, the society is easier consolidated around protesting slogans. I never supported Ukrainian public authority, but the people’s deaths became a rubicon [point of no return]. That was…

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Interior Ministry: Maidan Self-defense units are criminal groups that kidnap, torture and rob

Voices of Ukraine

February 7, 2014 3:05 pm

Translated by Olia Knight

Maidan self-defense units formed by volunteers are nothing more than organized crime groups, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine said in its announcement, according to Censor.NET.

“There is currently a truce and negotiations between the government and the opposition, however it does not prevent criminal groups from committing new crimes under the pretense of their Radical Right ideology. Some citizens in downtown Kyiv voice their civil positions by engaging in a peaceful demonstration, however we must admit that alongside them are organized crime groups on the territory of Euromaidan. Their members, calling themselves “Euromaidan self-defense,” continue to arm themselves, buy ammunition and weapons, therefore becoming an illegal militarized formation. Besides, these citizens commit criminal acts – beatings and kidnappings, tortures, robberies, property damage, etc.,” an announcement on the Interior Ministry website enumerated.

The Ministry claimed that within the last…

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The Council of Maidan Self-Defense Organizes “United Revolutionary Army” throughout Ukraine

The Council of Maidan Self-Defense approved the decision to create and expand the Ukrainian Self-Defense League throughout the nation. The newly founded organization, coordinated by the National Resistance Headquarters in Kyiv, is non-partisan. The announcement was made by Andrey Parubiy, Madian commandant and member of the Batkivshchyna party .

Screenshot of the video from Parubiy's presentation

Screenshot of the video from Parubiy’s press conference

According to Parubiy, the main tasks of the Ukrainian Self-Defense League is the coordination, mobilization, and protection of the activists for Kyiv. Continue reading

A Jewish man carried the captured President’s standard to Maidan

The captured President’s standard is being brought to the stage of Maidan

A religious Jew attending who attends Brodsky Central synagogue found himself in the thick of the seizure of Ukrainsky Dim (Ukrainian House) in Kyiv. Alongside Ukrainian radical Nationalists from “Right Sector” he took part in both the offensive on this important building on January 26, and in the negotiations that led to the non-violent departure of 200 of the Yanukovych bureaucracy’s militiamen. Continue reading

Tribute to the catapult

Photo by UNIAN

This medieval contraption had been busy shooting since its construction on January 20th until it was ruined by the Berkut police in the night of January 21st.

The Catapult had its own twitter channel,, posting twits such as: “I threw a Molotov cocktail towards the Berkut! Inexpressible experience!”; “I am loaded with stones and cobblestones, but I don’t see where they are flying. I hope that I hit the target a couple times”; “Somebody brought lasers, I see the target! Target established, fire!” “Everything thunders and clatters here, it’s very loud, but that’s nothing to me, because I’m the main catapult in Ukraine”.

15 hours after its destruction, the catapult posted again, saying that it had been dissassembled for the barricades, but that we would wage war yet again.

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