Donbas: divorce and maiden name? 

Olexandr Kochetkov, for UP

“Our situation is good. But not hopeless.”

Alexandr Novikov, “Dialogues in the elevator” 

One out of three terrorists in Donbas is taking photos with the MPADS. And only the “Hindenburg” dirigible is a better target than the huge and slow Il-76.

The author does not know the surname and military rank of the person who gave the order to deliver the military replacement to Luhansk airport by air. But in any army, except for ours, the case would have reached tribune.

The issue is not only the losses, which are unacceptable for the ATO. But also the blow landed to the military spirit and faith in the commanders, which our soldiers have experienced at the “eastern front.”  Continue reading


14-Year Old Boy Tells How Terrorists Killed His Family

A 14-year old boy from Snizhne in Donetsk Oblast shared a harrowing story about terrorists shooting and killing his father, sister, and uncle right before his eyes. The brave boy wishes to get well and return back to his mother.

According to Tolik, his family was in a car, attempting to leave Snizhne and seek refuge at this grandmother’s house in Artemivsk. On their way out of the city, armed terrorists opened fire on their vehicle, killing all of his relatives that were in the car.

During subsequent surgery doctors were able to remove 4 large bullet fragments and several smaller ones. The brave child is now in recovery, his condition is improving. He also received antibacterial and infusion therapy. Tolik is able to answer questions about the horrible events, but starts crying as soon as he does.  Continue reading

ATO forces cleaning up Mariupol From Terrorists: Video From The Town

Liga.Net – June 13, 2014


The active phase of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) began today at about 5.00 AM in Mariupol. The National Guard of Ukraine, and Azov & Dnepr-1 Battalions participated in the operation. The area of active ATO ​​operation in the center of Mariupol is now sealed off. Roadblocks around Mariupol are secured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the Minister of Interior, all key strongholds of terrorists were taken under control. One armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle (BRDM-2) has been destroyed as well as multiple terrorist sniper nests. Five terrorists were killed during the operation, and four wounded.

Continue reading

Around Fifty Soldiers Wounded in Sloviansk Battles In Kyiv’s Military Hospital 


According to ATO participants, it would have been possible to avoid numerous casualties when conducting the anti-terrorist operations.  However, an inside source is continuously releasing information to separatists.

In the capital’s military hospital [in Kyiv] there are currently close to fifty soldiers who were wounded in battles that took place in Slovyansk; and close to thirty more are in hospital in the town of Irpen. Almost all of the soldiers ended up in a hospital after a large-scale operation near Slovyansk, at the beginning of June. At that time soldiers were not even able to enter the city – they were fired on as they approached.

Major Oleksandr Maliarchuk was taking part in the Operation, on 3 June, when his leg was injured by a BTR (armored personnel carrier). He states that separatists were well aware of the plans of Ukrainian forces: “There are many traitors among Ministry of Defence officials, who sell information – causing a leak,” says Maliarchuk.

An anti-tank missile hit the BTR as it was was being driven by a Ukrainian soldier. Only he and one comrade survived. The Major says that on that day they had survived two ambushes. They were unable to make it through a third one, but were expecting aid: “We were waiting for assistance from the air force. But it seemed that they were busy with something else, and so we were stopped and the enemy had started firing anti-tank missiles at us.”

The soldiers are rushing the doctors as much as possible, as they want to get back to battle.  They say that all the soldiers are dreaming of the day when the ATO will finally be victorious; when the order to start eliminating the remaining separatist forces in Slovyansk will be given.  These fighters believe that they need to be given “just one order, and everything can be taken care of in just two days.”


Translated by Olena Khomenok, edited by Jon Barrow


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Army of Suppliers. Who is Helping the Frontline and How

sshot-15 June 2014, by Anastasiya Ringis, Ukrainska Pravda Zhyttya

Many social initiatives that emerged at Maidan are presently successfully supporting the Ukrainian army and the National Guard.

There are dozens, hundreds of such groups, and even thousands if we take the entire country. Ukrainska Pravda Zhyttya had picked several best known initiatives. Through joint efforts of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of sponsors they have provided assistance for the amount of over UAH 13 mln. Continue reading

Where the “People of Donbass” came from 

Sergiy Stefanko

Why were Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts chose for war by Russia? The answer is obvious – here, first and foremost, 40% of the population are ethnic Russians. And second, 80-90% the population, regardless of nationality, has been russified.

De facto the above-mentioned oblasts are a Russian-speaking, Russian-cultural enclave in Ukraine, this is where the “compatriots” live. Continue reading

Poland States That There Are No Polish Mercenaries in Donbas

Monday, June 9, 2014 15:07

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland denied information about Polish contractors allegedly detained in eastern Ukraine by the terrorists. Ministry spokesperson Marcin Wojciechowski made the announcement.

“We do not confirm information about the detention of Polish citizens by separatists among the contractors in eastern Ukraine. It’s part of black PR,” said  Wojciechowski. Continue reading

Chechen War Veterans Ready to Fight For Ukraine in Donbas

amira abueva

Amina Okueva, snapshot

Experienced Chechen war veterans that took part in warfare in Chechnya and the Middle East are opposing Russian imperialism and offer Ukraine their support.

“In this world there are many people who are ready to fight against Russian imperialism, or in other words are ready to support Ukraine as a peacekeeping battalion,” said Amina Okueva, a representative of the organization “Volniy Kavkaz” [Free Caucasus].

She also noted that about a thousand war volunteers are ready to stand by Ukrainians at any time; however there is no law in Ukraine that would allow the formation of foreign battalions. Okueva stated that she would like to see this issue resolved. Continue reading

Self-proclaimed Sloviansk “Mayor” Ponomarev Says Chechens Plan to Burn Sloviansk to the Ground

by Olena Yarmolyuk, June 9, 2014

Self-proclaimed “mayor” of Sloviansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev said: “I appeal to residents of Sloviansk. We were sold out to Chechen rebels. The Chechens are planning to burn the town to the ground”.

Drug addict and self-proclaimed “mayor” of Sloviansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev gathered the few supporters that still remained with him and said that Chechen mercenaries are going to level Sloviansk to the ground. Thus, Ponomarev confessed that Russian curators  practically set them up and allowed the Chechens to burn the city to the ground. Continue reading

Pro-Russian Local Terrorists Near Donetsk Ask to Join Ukraine’s Anti-Terrorist Operation

Obozrevatel, June 8, 2014

Pro-Russian local terrorists near Donetsk would like to join the ranks of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO): they want to clear Donbass together with ATO from Russian mercenaries.

Journalist Andrey Bulgarov posted in his FB account with reference to a source that a group of terrorists at a Ukrainian military checkpoint near Donetsk asked to join the servicemen of the ATO. Continue reading