Crimean Tatar Battalion To Join National Guard

Soon a new battalion called “Crimea”, consisting of Crimean Tatars, will join the National Guard.

Crimean Tatar people are ready to play a role in freeing Ukraine from the terrorists that receive orders from Russia, activist Oleksiy Arestovych announced via his Facebook page. “The Crimean Tatar People battalion “Crimea” will soon join other Ukrainian volunteer battalions,” he states.

At the same time Arestovych quotes one of the leaders of the forming organization. “First, we will free the East of Ukraine together with Ukrainians, and after that we will take back Crimea,” says one of the Crimean Tatars.

Also, Oleksiy Arestovych tells about the arising spirit of patriotism among the Crimean Tatar People, and asserts that “for 23 years Crimean Tatars held a pro-Ukrainian political stance. They are a great nation. Judging by the movie “Haytarma” [a recently released film depicting the deportation of the Crimean Tatars], the culture of these people is entering its prime.”

Finally, Oleksiy said that, according to his forecast, “technical and cultural progress of the future Ukraine is directly connected to the nationwide rebirth of the Crimean Tatar culture. Their readiness to join the fight for Ukraine’s independence is the best proof of that.” Continue reading

Experts examined video of the ‘shooting’ by the maniac Bezler, a.k.a. Demon: Information Resistance Group


The Information Resistance group has asked experts to analyze the video released by the terrorists yesterday [June 5] showing a shooting accompanied by an ultimatum to Ukrainian authorities from the sadist Bezler, a.k.a. Demon.

The experts found the following: “The gravity vector of the falling bodies does not coincide with the direction of the shot. Judging by the sound of clanging breechblocks, someone cocked two AK-74s. Judging by the shooting sound, they were shooting blanks (for this reason these were single-shots). The officers are in plain clothes. One wears a snow-white shirt, which is hardly possible after being held captive for a few days (the shirts would have been, putting it mildly, not very clean, and after the shots, as they were falling, a white shirt would have shown blood). They did not show the faces.” Continue reading

Over 30,000 Shelters Prepared for the Donbas Refugees

4 June 2014

According to the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, a database of the locations where people from “critical” regions can move to has been created.

Over 30,000 shelters have been prepared for the refugees from the “critical” regions of Ukraine, as reported by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema before the government meeting.

According to Mr. Yarema, within the last week only around 15,000 refugees fled from Donetsk Oblast. Continue reading

The State of Affairs within the Ukrainian army in Sloviansk

An account by Ukrainian journalist Nastya Stanko on the State of Affairs within the Ukrainian army in Sloviansk 


I was having a phone conversation with my friend. He returned from Sloviansk for a week. In Sloviansk, he was commander of the first battalion of the National Guard for a month. The following are a few numbers he told me about. Their battalion was stationed at ten checkpoints around the city. During the whole month, the transportable shower only arrived at each checkpoint once and only half of the troops had an opportunity to shower. Later, the shooting commenced and the transportable shower no longer came to the checkpoints. Continue reading

The Donbas Battalion Commander: Now the Separatists Take as Much as We Let Them Take 

Pavel Sheremet, Oksana Kovalenko, UP _ Friday, May 30, 2014, 20:53

The commander of Donbas Battalion of the Territorial Volunteer Defense Forces (DFD) never takes his balaclava off when talking to journalists. Nobody knows for sure if Semion Semionchenko is his real name or just an alias. He does not want extra fame, yet he continues to reports all main activities of the unit in the social media. Now he came to Kyiv to form a new battalion of the National Guard. Every day, there are about 100-150 calls from potential volunteers. They are screened and shortlisted, then they undergo a physical, and are sent off to the Internal Troops boot camps. Continue reading

“Authorities” of Self-Proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” Prevent Refugees From Leaving the Region 05.06.2014

The “government” of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” prevents refugees from leaving the region. Reported by Ukrzaliznytsia press Centre (Ukrainian Railways). Continue reading

The Volunteers of the Azov Battalion Take Their Vows as a Prayer on Their Way to the Front

The volunteers of the Azov Battalion take their vows in the form of a prayer on their way to the front.

Ukraine, Mother of Heroes, come into my heart, flow in with the wild wind of the Caucasus, with the sound of Carpathian streams, the battles of the great Warrior Father Khmel, the triumph and echoes of the cannons of the Revolution, and the joyful ringing of Sofia’s Bells. May I be reborn in Thee, pierced by the rays of Thy glory, because you are my life and you are all my happiness.

Ring out with the clang of chains, the creaking of the gallows on overcast morns, bring me the cries of those tortured in cells, in prisons and in exile, that my faith may be granite, that my determination and strength may grow, that I may boldly go to battle, just like the Heroes went for Thee, for Thy glory, for Thy Holy Idea. That I may avenge the shame of slavery, the trampled honor, the taunts of Thy executioners, the innocent blood of those murdered near Bazar and Kryty, in Kingiri and Vorkuta. For the heroic deaths of of the heroes of the Ukrainian Nation and the Ukrainian National Revolution: Col. Yevhen Konovalets, Basarabova, Holovinskiy, Shukhevych, Bandera and the glorious deaths of Danylyshyn and Bilas, and thousands of others whom we do not know, whose bones were tossed to the wind or buried in secret places.

Burn with life-giving fire all the weakness in my heart. May I not know fear, may I know hesitate. Strengthen my spirit, temper my will, and dwell in my heart! In prisons and in harsh underground life, grow me to the ranks of light. In these ranks may I find sweet death, a death of agonies for Thee, and I shall melt into Thee, I shall live eternally in Thee, Eternal Ukraine, powerful and one!

Translation: Lidia Wolanskyj Continue reading

Eyewitness Account of Luhansk Terrorist Attacks on Residential Quarters

Alexander Zabirko gives a chilling eyewitness account of the “Luhansk People’s Republic” fighters’ attacks on residential quarters.


I made this picture last year from the window of my Mom’s house. To the right from the church you can actually see the fence of the very border unit, which is now being attacked by the “people” with St.George Ribbons on their chests and grenade dispensers in their hands. My Mom managed to run out of her home early in the morning when the attack was just starting. People were running through yards to the Myrniy residential quarter, some of them going directly across the ravine in the direction of Yuzhniy residential quarter. Since then the attackers would not let anyone out of our house or the neighboring multistory building. They are shooting from the house roof and balconies – one can see the border unit from our house as plain as the nose on your face. Continue reading

In Donbas, Gunmen Abduct People for Ransom, says Volynets  

Gunmen have started abducting people for ransom in Donbas, Federation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine President Mykhailo Volynets told Channel 112 on May 31.

According to him, recently in Antracyt (Lyhansk Oblast) gunmen have kidnapped an employee of the State Automobile Inspectorate, 27-year-old Volodymyr Davydenko, and are now demanding one million UAH for his release. Volynets has said that the father of the kidnapped employee was a well-known manager of the state’s haulage company in the past and also owns his own vehicle fleet.

 “The separatists in this region have put together a dossier of every citizen who is skilled and intelligent, and can set up his own business. I think any kind of business, be it small, medium, or large, is under threat by the separatists’ actions,” stated the head of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine.

Volynets highlighted that the most active figure amongst the abductors is a citizen of Rostov-On-Don Oblast in Russia, a cossack. He often appears on local television, telling the local population that “they will reach Kyiv and go even further.”

“And when the miners were abducted in Donetsk Oblast, their pocket money was taken away from them. Murza [a Chechen] tore a golden chain off Oleksandr Gukov’s [a miner] neck and took it away together with a cross, cut a ring off his finger, as well as that of Kostya Museika, damaging their fingers as a result,” he told. According to Volynets, the looters often weren’t even wearing masks, since “they have no fear.” The families of the kidnapped are often trying to negotiate with the abductors.

“Right now we are trying to create a database of everyone who has been kidnapped, to identify the damages caused to them, both physical and mental. We are trying to find out who exactly has kidnapped them.

Unfortunately, there is no specific cooperation with the state agencies over here,” summed up Volynets.


Translated by Dasha Darchuk, edited by Alya Shandra  

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