Pro-Russian Separatists Loot, Assault Romani in Sloviansk


Pro-Russian separatists have engaged in seemingly racially motivated acts of looting and assault against Romani residents of Sloviansk, reports the News of Donbass. Armed separatists have reportedly begun a series of home invasions against the city’s Romani population, robbing and assaulting their victims. The militants apparently have shown no regard for age or gender, and women and children have been among the victims who were beaten According to eyewitnesses, the gunmen carried off stolen property in trucks.

The perpetrators claim that they are acting on the orders of the self-described ‘People’s Mayor’ and leader of the separatist militant wing, Vyacheslav Ponomarev.

The attacks on Romani, also known as Gypsies, follows a troubling precedent set the day prior when members of the Donetsk Republic organization distributed anti-Semitic leaflets in an attempt to extort and intimidate members of the Jewish community. Ponomarev has also announced a “hunt” on the Ukrainian speaking population of Sloviansk, wherein those who speak the indigenous language be treated as suspicious and reported to the local militia.

Dnipropetrovsk launches new approach to separatists

The Deputy Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Boris Filatov is proposing new methods for dealing with separatists by providing financial incentives for good citizenship and by forming a regional anti-terrorist military force.

The first units of the Dnipro special forces battalion have been formed and are ready for combat missions. Roadblocks have been set up, Filatov writes on Facebook, April 16, as reported by Expreso.TV.

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Ukraine must stop Putin, says Polish PM

The time has come for the Ukrainian state to act decisively, said the Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, commenting on Ukraine’s launch of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine, reports Ukrinform.

“Up till now, Ukrainians have been acting rationally, though I don’t how they determined where to draw the red line before moving to a stronger reaction. However, I think that line has been crossed. The moment has come when the Ukrainian government must act decisively to show that it will not accept this kind of behavior,” Tusk said.

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Separatists in Luhansk were armed by the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) General?

April 8, 2014

A video interview with the separatists that have occupied the SBU building in Luhansk was posted in the Internet. They alleged that Oleksander Petrulevych, SBU Head in Luhansk Oblast, personally provided them with bulletproof vests and weapons. Continue reading

Crimea is separatist support center, ministry says

Vitalii update 1

Crimea has been turned into a separatist support center, said Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebyynis at a press briefing Wednesay, April 9, as reported by UNIAN

“By annexing the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Russian Federation has transformed the peninsula into the headquarters of separatist support that coordinates criminal acts and supplies arms and saboteurs,” Perebyynis said.

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Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk


Invasion of Ukraine planned tonight, says Military Expert Dmitry Tymchuk of the ‘Information Resistance’ in his FB post.

“Operative news from the ‘Information Resistance’ group. We, the ‘Information Resistance’ group, have received from our reliable sources satisfactory confirmation of the statement of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry that the observed activity of separatists in eastern Ukraine over the last three days is nothing but the beginning of the second phase of the scenario for the Russian invasion into our country. Continue reading

Article on “Donetsk People’s Republic” appears on Russian Wikipedia

A white sphere made of large jigsaw pieces. Letters from several alphabets are shown on the piecesA new page with information on the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic.” appeared almost instantly on the Russian Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia entry states that on April 7, 2014, a group of individuals–supporters of federalism who seized control of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration building–proclaimed that the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic was a separate state, reports Espreso.TV.

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