Moscow dislikes Poroshenko’s peace plan


Sergey Lavrov

Russia does not like the number of ultimatums in the peace plan presented by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed Espreso TV, the publication reports, July 21.

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, “many points in this plan look like ultimatums. ” Continue reading


Poland says Russia must curb influx of militants to Ukraine


Radoslaw Sikorski, Sergey Lavrov, Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the time has come for a dialogue between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, but that Ukraine has a right to use force against armed militants.

Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski shared his views during a press conference at the conclusion of the trilateral meeting of foreign ministers of Germany, Poland and Russia in Saint Petersburg, June 10, reports Ukrainska Pravda, citing UNIAN. Continue reading

Ukraine’s MFA responds to Lavrov’s invasion threats

Comments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the statements made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation S.V. Lavrov on “Russia Today”

April 23, 2014

Against the backdrop of Ukraine’s fair and full implementation of the Geneva agreements, the threats of Russian armed intervention in response to Ukraine’s lawful efforts to combat terrorism and separatism made by the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, on April 23, during his interview on the Russian channel “Russia Today” struck an absolutely discordant note.

We understand these statements to mean that the Russian side is ready to implement its aggression against Ukraine and to continue massing Russian army troops near the Ukrainian border towards that end.

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Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry responds to Russia’s demands for federalization

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed outrage at recent proposals by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for the “federalization” of Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed these proposals on Russia’s state television program “Sunday Times” (Vremya Voskresnoe) on March 30.

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