More than 200 hostages held by militants, Taruta says


Serhiy Taruta

The Governor of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration Serhiy Taruta announced that militants in the oblast are holding more than 200 hostages, reported, June 6, citing the press service of the oblast administration.

“Today talks are focused on the release of the hostages. The militants are now illegally holding more than 200 people, citizens of various countries,” he said. Continue reading


Taruta explains consequences of separatism

Serhiy Taruta

The head of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration, Serhiy Taruta, urged mayors and district heads to explain the consequences of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” to their constituents.

He made his comments during a meeting with mayors and heads of the district administration in the Donetsk Oblast, reports Ukrainska Pravda, April 23, citing the news outlet Ostrov.

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