Ukrainian Navy Accuses Putin of Brazen Lies

Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 20:57

The Command of Sevastopol Naval Brigade and of the crews of the ships Ternopil and Slavutych of the Ukrainian Navy accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of lying in a statement made to the media.

“We, the representatives of the Ukrainian Navy, listened carefully to the position and opinions of Russian President Putin, which he voiced at his press conference in Moscow on March 4, 2014,” says the statement. Continue reading

Residents of coastal town near Sevastopol stand as a human shield between Ukrainian border guards and Russian Special Forces

In Balaklava, near Sevastopol on the coast of the Crimean Peninsula, border guards from the Sevastopol marine guard  continue to negotiate with soldiers of the Russian Federation,  the press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports.

At the same time, all possible measures are being taken to prevent the violent seizure of property and the detachment itself. Residents of Balaklava, veterans, and the families of the border guards stood  as a live shield between the detachment’s checkpoint and the Russians, asking for the prevention of bloodshed. Russian representatives are insisting on releasing the military unit, and they are not initiating contact or identifying themselves. The situation could not be any more tense. Continue reading