Hashtag ‘Yarosh’s business card’ blows the internet away

Joker, the main villain of the American blockbuster “Dark Knight”, has also hidden Yarosh’s business card in his pocket. Photo: vital_crusader / Twitter

On April 20, the hashtag #ВизиткаЯроша [Yarosh’s business card] set new records, becoming the most popular request of Russian and Ukrainian social network users. Internet users have ridiculed the Russian media’s claims that on Easter night Right Sector militants attacked a checkpoint in Sloviansk.

The Russian media report alleged that inside “the cars of pro-Russian citizens of Sloviansk burned by the militants,” in addition to guns and dollars, business cards of Right Sector leader and presidential candidate Dmytro Yarosh were found.  Continue reading


The Russian story about the shootout at Sloviansk – see if you can spot the ludicrous parts

By Thomas Theiner

Putin's finest spies at work

Putin’s finest spies at work in Sloviansk

The Russian story about the shootout at Sloviansk- see if you can spot the ludicrous parts:

26 guys armed with nothing but bats man a checkpoint 6 km outside of Sloviansk. Four cars with at least 10 heavily armed guys drive up to the checkpoint and stop 10 m before it. The armed men get out of the cars and open fire, killing two (10 armed men, 10 m distance and hitting only two… atrociously bad shooters). Continue reading

Internal Ministry announces details of shooting in Sloviansk

On April 20, 2014 a shootout broke out on the checkpoint of the so-called ‘Donetsk people’s Republic’ at the entrance to Sloviansk close to Bylbasivka village. There are victims on both sides.

As the press service of the Interior Ministry informed, at 02.20 unknown persons on four cars approached the specified checkpoint and opened fire on people who were on duty there. Shots were fired in response. Continue reading