Refugees from Donbas as seen by the volunteers

Recently, Facebook posts have become more frequent about the fact that those who have come from the eastern regions act somehow strangely, they are rude and dissatisfied with everything, even though they themselves have always been the least politically active citizens of Ukraine.  Continue reading


Crimea today: “Artek” without children, armoured cars for sale and the Ukrainian flag over Simferopol 

Bohdan Lu, for “Fakty” 

The out-of-office correspondent of “FAKTY” shared his impressions about the trip from Kyiv to the occupied peninsula.

I hitchhiked from Kyiv to Crimea by car. Along the road, at traffic police posts there are reinforcements made out of sandbags. Frequently, people in army camouflage can be seen next to the traffic police.

Our old “Ford” was not stopped by anyone. It seems that luxury cars evoke more interest. The close to the south, the more frequently we see roadblocks with sandbags. Night falls. After Kirovohrad the armament at the roadblocks is more serious: we see armoured personnel carriers and missile systems. In Kherson oblast, there is a lonely roadblock on one of the empty parts of the road. The lights of our car spot two soldiers in the darkness. They are sleeping without a care in the world next to the bags.  Continue reading

It is both simple and impossible to stop the war – Crimean director

Kyiv-Cherkasy – The premier of a play staged by Simferopol director Anton Romanov, who left Crimea after the Russia’s occupation, took place in Cherkasy. He dedicated his first performance in the Cherkasy Drama Theatre, an absurd comedy “Breakfast with the Enemy,” to the latest events in Ukraine and his colleagues Oleg Sentsov, who is currently under arrest in Moscow, and Pavlo Yurov, who is being held hostage in Slovyansk. Radio Svoboda spoke with the director about Crimea, the war and about what the people on opposite sides of the barricades have in common. 
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Journalists of the Journalistic Investigation Center Beaten by “Self-Defense” in Simferopol

03.06.2014 00:40

Journalist and editor of the Journalistic Investigation Centre Sergei Mokrushin was detained by the “self-defence” and had been transported to Simferopol’s municipal hospital no.6. He is suspected of fractured ribs and contusion of internal organs, as Sergei Mokrushin informed the editors office by phone.

He said he was being transported in an ambulance to a traumatology centre accompanied by the police.  According to Mokrushin, he and Melnikov were detained by the “self-defence” and brought to their head-quarters. The interrogation and beating was witnessed by Aleksander Yuryev – former member of the community board at the Council of Ministers, and Anatoliy Petrov – member of Simferopol City Council.   Mokrushin noted that, although they saw how the journalists were tortured, they didn’t interfere. Continue reading

Ein Journalist und ein Filmproduzent wurden in Simferopol festgenommen und geschlagen

03.06.14 – Charkiwer Gruppe für Menschenrechtsschutz
(Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group) – Übersetzung aus dem Englischen


Mokruschyn und Melnykow

In Simferopol wurden am Montagabend der Journalist Sergej Mokruschyn und der Regisseur Wladlen Melnykow von paramilitärischen ‘Selbstverteidigungskräften’ festgenommen und geschlagen, bevor sie in die zentrale Polizeistation gebracht wurden.

Walentina Samar, die Chefredakteurin des Zentrums für investigativen Journalismus (Investigative Journalism Centre), ging zur Zentrale der “Selbstverteidigung”, nur um zu erfahren, dass die beiden Männer auf die zentrale Polizeistation gebracht worden seien. Die paramilitärische Bürgerwehr behauptete, die beiden Männer, die beide für das “Investigative Journalism Centre” arbeiten, seien wegen “Rowdytums” (Hooliganism) festgenommen worden, dies stünde angeblich mit der “Diffamierung” hoher Beamter der Russischen Föderation in Zusammenhang. Die Bürgerwehr weigerte sich, ihre Namen oder den Paragraphen des Strafgesetzbuches anzugeben, auf dessen Grundlage die Journalisten festgenommen wurden. Sie konnten auch kein Festnahmeprotokoll vorweisen.

Samar sagte, dass Mokruschyn Zeit hatte, um ihr mitzuteilen, dass er auf die Leber geschlagen worden sei. Er sprach mit Mühe und konnte kaum atmen. Sie fügt hinzu, dass die beiden Männer Prellungen und Abdrücke von Handschellen auf den Armen hatten.

Update: Mokruschyn wurde mit Verdacht auf Rippenbrüche und Schäden an inneren Organen ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert.

Mokruschyn sagte seinen Kollegen aus dem Zentrum, Alexander Juriew, ein ehemaliges Mitglied des russischen Menschenrechtsrates unter dem Ministerrat, und Anatoly Petrow, ein Abgeordneter des Simferopoler Stadtrats, seien anwesend gewesen, während er verhört und geschlagen wurde. Keiner der beiden habe eingegriffen. Mokruschyn sagte aus, dass er im Bereich der Nieren und der Leber geschlagen worden sei, während sie den Kopf Melnykows gegen Glas geschlagen hätten.

Die Bürgerwehr nahm den Journalisten ihre Handys weg und durchsuchten die Inhalte, außerdem gingen sie auch auf ihre Seiten in sozialen Netzwerken.

Es gibt sehr reale Gründe zur Besorgnis. Vier Ukrainer stehen derzeit unter höchst zweifelhaften “Terrorismus”-Anklagen in Russland, nachdem sie auf der Krim festgenommen wurden (siehe: Russlands FSB startet den ersten Schauprozess der Krim) und drei pro-ukrainische Aktivisten sind im Laufe der letzten 10 Tage einfach verschwunden (mehr Details hier).


Russians set up “Enemies of the People” booth in Simferopol

An information booth with photos of people who do not support the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been set up in Simferopol. A similar photo has been posted on the Facebook page of the influential Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov, reports Espreso.TV, April 15.

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“Crimea is Ukraine” graffiti appears in Simferopol


A sizable graffiti protesting Crimea’s annexation to Russia has appeared in Simferopol, reports Espreso.TV, citing, April 9.

On a long concrete fence enclosing the railroad from the residential areas of the city, an unknown artist has painted the mural “Crimea=Ukraine!” in the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag.

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Russians assault Ukrainian forces in Simferopol

In Simferopol, on March 18, Russian troops stormed a military topographic and navigation center of the Main Directorate of Operational Support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reports Espreso.TV, citing one of the soldiers defending the center.

According to the soldier, Russian troops, armed with assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades, broke into the army base and seized its commander. One person was injured and removed by ambulance. Continue reading

Equipment snatched from journalists in Crimea passes to Russia’s FSB

завантаження (2)Monday, March 17, 2014, 21:55

Phones, cameras and tablets of the journalists from Ukraine, Norway and Poland that were snatched at the Crimean Commissariat in Simferopol have been passed to Russia’s FSB. The journalists were told about this by the self-proclaimed representatives of the Crimean army.

“Your equipment is there – talk to Moscow,” reporters were told on Monday.  Continue reading

Simferopol protests against Ukrainian TV Channels being banned

A few dozens of Simferopol citizens on March 10, disregarding bad weather and provocations of pro-russian activists, have marched against repression of free speech, to restore broadcasting of Ukrainian TV Channels, and in support of the Crimean Tatar TV Channel ATR.

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