Activists Drill Water Source for Ukrainian Army Under Sloviansk

The Ukrainian militarymen conducting the Anti-Terrorist Operation under Sloviansk, stationed on Karachun Hill, had a serious problem. They had no water, and every trip to the nearest source endangered them. Activists found a solution – over the course of four days, they drilled a well 120 meters deep, solving the water shortage problem for the fighters of the National Guard and paratroopers stationed on the strategic height of Karachun Hill.

Yuriy Kasianov, an activist, shares detail in FB.

Water at Karachun Hill

We were told it’s impossible, that there was no water there for decades. Noone wanted to go there to drill, because there’s shooting and bombing there. But we took a risk anyway… We found some insanely brave guys – the Kharkiv company “Aquatorium” and went uphill escorted by courageous paratroopers of the 95th brigade. Continue reading


A column of tanks with Russian flags has arrived in Donetsk

TV Channel 1+1, TSN Night

Military vehicles seen in the towns of Snizhne, Horlivka, Sloviansk, Makiyivka, and Tores in the Donetsk region.

As broadcast by Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 during the nightly news program TSN Night, Russian tanks have invaded Eastern Ukraine. Movement of military vehicles was witnessed in several towns in the Donetsk region. Tanks with the tricolor Russian flag were seen in Snizhne, Horlivka, Sloviansk, Makiyivka, and Tores. Witnesses reported that the heavy military equipment and vehicles with Russian flags have already reached Donetsk. In addition, according to intelligence data, more powerful force has been concentrated on Russian territory in close proximity to the border with Ukraine. One reported a minimum of two mechanized brigades which have armored vehicles and multiple GRAD rocket launcher systems. Continue reading

Around Fifty Soldiers Wounded in Sloviansk Battles In Kyiv’s Military Hospital 


According to ATO participants, it would have been possible to avoid numerous casualties when conducting the anti-terrorist operations.  However, an inside source is continuously releasing information to separatists.

In the capital’s military hospital [in Kyiv] there are currently close to fifty soldiers who were wounded in battles that took place in Slovyansk; and close to thirty more are in hospital in the town of Irpen. Almost all of the soldiers ended up in a hospital after a large-scale operation near Slovyansk, at the beginning of June. At that time soldiers were not even able to enter the city – they were fired on as they approached.

Major Oleksandr Maliarchuk was taking part in the Operation, on 3 June, when his leg was injured by a BTR (armored personnel carrier). He states that separatists were well aware of the plans of Ukrainian forces: “There are many traitors among Ministry of Defence officials, who sell information – causing a leak,” says Maliarchuk.

An anti-tank missile hit the BTR as it was was being driven by a Ukrainian soldier. Only he and one comrade survived. The Major says that on that day they had survived two ambushes. They were unable to make it through a third one, but were expecting aid: “We were waiting for assistance from the air force. But it seemed that they were busy with something else, and so we were stopped and the enemy had started firing anti-tank missiles at us.”

The soldiers are rushing the doctors as much as possible, as they want to get back to battle.  They say that all the soldiers are dreaming of the day when the ATO will finally be victorious; when the order to start eliminating the remaining separatist forces in Slovyansk will be given.  These fighters believe that they need to be given “just one order, and everything can be taken care of in just two days.”


Translated by Olena Khomenok, edited by Jon Barrow


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Self-proclaimed Sloviansk “Mayor” Ponomarev Says Chechens Plan to Burn Sloviansk to the Ground

by Olena Yarmolyuk, June 9, 2014

Self-proclaimed “mayor” of Sloviansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev said: “I appeal to residents of Sloviansk. We were sold out to Chechen rebels. The Chechens are planning to burn the town to the ground”.

Drug addict and self-proclaimed “mayor” of Sloviansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev gathered the few supporters that still remained with him and said that Chechen mercenaries are going to level Sloviansk to the ground. Thus, Ponomarev confessed that Russian curators  practically set them up and allowed the Chechens to burn the city to the ground. Continue reading

Russian Terrorists Thwart Evacuation of Infant in Serious Condition to Kharkiv for Propaganda’s Sake

Recently, a heartbreaking picture from the Eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk, where the Ukrainian Army is carrying out the anti-terrorist operation, has flown around the internet. The picture shows a baby boy, Yevheniy Yezekyan, who suffers from cerebral palsy and could not be evacuated because of being connected to an artificial lung ventilation machine.


Almost immediately, activists appeared that worked on setting up a solution to transport Yevheniy out of the battle zone. Natalia Stativko wrote an account of how it happened:

“We have been busy for two days preparing to evacuate Yevheniy Yezekyan from Sloviansk to Kharkiv. This was extremely difficult – just imagine a 8 month old baby who cannot breathe independently, only with the help of a medical ventilator. He can be transported only with a special intensive care ambulance. There were two intensive care ambulances prepared: on in Kharkiv and the other one in Donetsk. With each ambulance there was a health team ready to go for the child despite the war. Continue reading

Terrorists kidnapped, tortured, and threatened believers in Donbas

Donetsk Oblast – The militant terrorist organization Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) systematically implemented the provisions of its own ‘constitution’, which excludes religious freedom.

This is reported by the Institute for Religious Freedom based on an analysis of information on violations of the rights of believers in the Donetsk region by gunmen of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

On April 15, 2014, masked men with a Russian flag posted anti-Semitic leaflets near the synagogue in Donetsk on behalf of Dennis Pushilin, the self-proclaimed ‘People’s Governor’ of the DNR.

“All citizens of Jewish nationality over 16 years of age residing in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic are required to apply for registration with the Acting Commissioner of Nationalities in room #514 of the Donetsk Regional Administration building prior to May 3, 2014. The registration fee is 50 USD,” the leaflet said. Continue reading

Masha the mongrel

Sloviansk. This is Masha the mongrel. This dog lives at one of our security posts. She warns our soldiers of the invaders. When invaders are out there in the forest, she starts barking and the forest is fired upon. Then seconds before a mortar attack there goes Masha running to hide among concrete blocks. Within seconds after the dog hides, mortar bombs start whiffing. The dog’s danger warning actions have saved many lives. The dog is a dear friend to a soldier.

Source: Ruslan Yarmoliuk’s Facebook

Translated by Svitlana Gusak, edited by Vladislav A. Litosh

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Today in tweets – May 31

Number of Russia troops near Ukrainian border is decreasing…

3 Berkut officers under arrest over Feb shooting at ppl on Maidan…

Continue reading

Today in tweets – May 30

Stop FAKE in Ukraine…

Border guards detained cars with weapons coming from Russia…

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Activists Picket Presidential Administration and SBU Demanding to Free Hostages in Sloviansk

Today, May 28th, a demonstration was held in Kyiv near Presidential Administration and SBU office in support of Denis Grishchuk and Pavlo Yurov detained by separatists in Sloviansk over a month ago.


Neither of the young men is a political or military activist. Pavlo Yurov, born in Antrazit (Luhansk Oblast), is a theatre director (“Depot North” is one of his most prominent stage productions). Denis Grishchuk, born in Donetsk, has studied medicine and worked as a volunteer in many cultural organizations, including ‘Izolyatsia’. Both have moved to live and work in Kyiv quite a long ago but after watching the latest newsreels in April decided to come to their homeland and see everything with their own eyes. The price for their curiosity appeared too high as both were detained by separatists in Slovyansk April 25th. During the pat-down, separatists have found the Ukrainian flag and two tickets to Kyiv and suspecting that guys could be from Right Sector, arrested them and took them to the basement of captured Sloviansk SBU building where they are said to be kept now.


Over a month has passed but there is still no information whether the prisoners are going to be freed or not. Their relatives and friends tried to contact Ukrainian authorities, international organizations and Sloviansk ‘mayor’ Viacheslav Ponomariov. There were open letters and calls, also from Russian cultural workers. All of this has brought no result so far. There is almost no information regarding their health and moral condition. Serhiy Lefter, journalist freed from imprisonment in Sloviansk, told he had seen them and both were beaten. Denis had two ribs broken and Pavlo his nose broken. Viacheslav Ponomariov has told only that prisoners were kept in ‘tolerable’ conditions though nobody knows what this could mean.


Tired of waiting, gathering signatures and recording video appeals, activists decided to exert pressure on the authorities and remind them of their duties. So May 28th, at 9 am, about two hundred people gathered near the Presidential Administration building at Bankova street in Kyiv. There were friends and colleagues of Pavlo and Denis but also some people came to remind about the other people kept imprisoned in Sloviansk and Luhansk. As human rights organizations tell there are dozens of people kept imprisoned in terrible conditions. Many of them are locals so their relatives just cannot voice protest as they are threatened by separatists.

Representatives from Amnesty International were present at the meeting and gathered signatures in support of their petition to SBU. The petition was addressed to Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, head of the SBU personally calling to take action and free the imprisoned. The press, including main TV channels, was also present.


Unfortunately, nobody came out of the administration building so the demonstrants headed to SBU. There they were more lucky as Marina Ostapenko, SBU press secretary, came out and had a talk with activists. She made a public announcement that the department would do everything to free the detained. However, she told that SBU did not have any information concerning hostages and their conditions and that SBU should act very carefully not to make harm.

Soon after the end of meeting, Anastasiya Kasilova, one of the organizers, posted on facebook: “Thanks to everybody for their presence and support! This was really important! Our demands were heard! Thanks to press as due to your activity authorities could not ignore our picket! I hope we are going to hear good news very soon”.

Later, there was an information on the net that Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, head of the SBU, announced he would forward the process of freeing the hostages.

Another demonstration in support of all of the unknown hostages is going to be held this Friday, May 30th.

Irina Kostyshina for Euromaidan PR

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