Sloviansk Terrorists Shoot at Residential Neighborhoods and Schools

Terrorists in Sloviansk shoot at residential areas to discredit the Ukrainian military, said the ATO’s press secretary Vladyslav Selezniov.

“The terrorists continue their provocations. Now they are brazently firing mortar rounds in residential neighborhoods at schools, so the local residents would think that it is the Ukrainian military doing these actions,” informed Selezniov.

He said that terrorists have hit a school already. This information is confirmed by social media accounts, where photos of school #13 were posted with a broken roof above the gym. From the social media reports. the children hid in the basement. Continue reading

Terrorists are going en masse to Sloviansk and are preparing a large-scale attack

May 21, 2014

The Sevastopol-based editor-in-chief of BurkoNews, the English-speaking resource maintained by the journalists of the “Ukrainian maritime portal”, has published information that a large-scale attack is being prepared by the Sloviansk terrorists. He announced this through his facebook page.

“Through the work of volunteers who are actively wire-tapping and eavesdropping on radio channels of terrorists and monitoring their forums to get insider information on what is taking place on the ground, it has been possible to put together a single uniform picture of the training of militants to the last shot in Sloviansk.  This information is confirmed by cross-facts that are complementary to each other.

Today nearly all the fighters withdrew from the roadblocks in Druzhkivka, and over the radio channels information was passed that the greater part of the terrorists in cities close to Sloviansk are going there. Them militants are getting ready to quietly sneak into the city, passing the checkpoints, and will not be carrying any weapons with them. It is strongly stressed that they will get all necessary weapons on the spot.

Along with this, the separatists are actively recruiting emergency physicians: “In Sloviansk there is an urgent need for military field doctors in the following specialties:  neurologist; neurosurgeon, psychotherapist. Preferably with own nurses.  Please call: +380509663437,” it is stated in the ad. (The phone number has deliberately not been removed; you can call and recruit yourself as psychotherapist to the separatists 😉 ).

In addition, several times, information has come out from the Zella channels and from locals that the Svyatohirska Lavra (Monastery) is engaged in aiding the terrorists. In the tunnels under the Lavra is the main storage points for the weapons and ‘priests’ are actively campaigning among parishioners, using religion to brainwash in the best traditions of the Moscow Patriarchate.

I suggest the following:

1) Tighten, at all border checkpoints into Sloviansk, travel access into the city, thereby disrupting the mobilization of terrorists disguised as civilians.

2) Track all contacts and phone numbers of persons engaged in direct recruitment of health personnel and militants. Take measures to isolate them.

3) Perform operations to verify the involvement of the clergy in anti-Ukrainian propaganda and agitation. In case of confirmation, send them to their authorities – in Moscow. Check the facilities and underground passages for storage of weapons for the militants.

This is just a small part of what can be done to thwart the active and aggressive activities of the fighters.

Source: FB account of Roman Burko

Translated by Olena Wawryshyn, edited by Alya Shandra

Life in the Hotspot. Two Truths About Sloviansk

Sloviansk is not only the hottest spot in Ukraine, but in Europe today. We have talked to the local citizens who told us about the events in this city and its suburbs.
Both of our informants are called Oksana, they evaluate what is happening in their mother city differently, but they do agree on one thing – Sloviansk is weary of war and all the people are waiting for it to end. 

“The locals are taking up saws and cutting down trees to protect their homes”

According to one of the women, the people here are tired of bombings, as, from her words, they are dropping bombs day and night. The woman is sure that this is done by the National Guard. According to her, there are already 10 ruined houses in the city. “A woman went to her daughter’s for the night. She came back and her house had been destroyed,” told Oksana.

According to her, everyone who had the possibility to leave the city had done so. “Everyday goods shops are closing, it is more or less all right with the food. But there were interruptions with dairy. The people are tired of living like this: the children don’t have an opportunity to go to school and they will have no graduation. Practically all production facilities have been stopped,” says the resident of Sloviansk.  Continue reading

Russian Journalists Tipped Off Terrorists on How to Shoot at National Guard

Wednesday, March 21

A video has appeared in the Internet, in which the cameraman of the Russian news channel LifeNews advises pro-Russian terrorists how it is best to shoot at the National Guard of Ukraine

According the LifeNews description, the fight took place near the Cherevkivka village, that is located between Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.



National Guard Conscripts Address Residents of Donbas – VIDEO with English subs

National Guard conscripts in the zone of the Anti-terrorist operation have addressed Ukrainians. Their goal is to protect residents of the Eastern towns from danger, to bring the peace and order that all Ukrainians dream about. This is stated in the video message of the National Guard, reports TSN.

Continue reading

More than 100 thousand pre-filled separatist ‘referendum’ ballots seized as a terrorist group is captured

A group of armed terrorists was captured on May 10 in the environs of Sloviansk of Donetsk Oblast, according to ‘Obozrevatel’ web-site’s source among the Ukrainian law-enforcers.

Upon the search of the automobile driven by the detainees, an assault rifle and two hanguns with ammunition as well as traumatic weapons were found. The law-enforcers also discovered more than 100 thousand voting ballots to be used in the unlawful referendum concerning the independence of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) the separatists plan to hold on May 11.

All of the ballots seized were pre-filled in favor of the DPR’s independence. Continue reading

Amid anti-terrorist operation on May 9, Sloviansk residents hand our leaflets calling for unity

Proactive citizens of Sloviansk distributed leaflets [calling for unity] on the eve of Victory Day on May 9. Realizing that doing this inside the terrorist-seized city of Sloviansk itself is dangerous, activists handed out the leaflets at checkpoints. Simple in form, but deep in meaning, the leaflets were well received by passengers of vehicles approaching Sloviansk.

178429 Continue reading

A Vinnitsia-born military Petro Kovalenko was killed in clashes with the terrorists near Sloviansk

A Vinnitsia-born military Petro Kovalenko was killed in clashes with the terrorists in Donbas.


The 20 year old man from Rahnivka village, Gaisynsky district, was a squad member of Zhytomyr’s 95th air assault brigade deployed for military operation to the Donetsk region, according to the news portal “Moja Vinnytsia” (My Vinnitsa).

On  May 2, the armed extremists attacked the paratroopers near Sloviansk, says the press service of the Defense Ministry.


Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed as a result of this battle. One of the casualties was Petro Kovalenko. A sniper shot him in the neck, the bullet hit the carotid artery.

In the morning shortly before his death, Petro Kovalenko visited his page in a social network, and in the afternoon, his family learnt about this terrible tragedy. His mother, father, older sister and many friends are in grief…

The funeral was be held on 6 May at 11:00 am in Rahnivka village, Gaisynsky district.

Heroes do not die! Lest we forget!

Source: FB post 

Boy gets arrested for streaming from his balcony in Sloviansk

boyOn Sunday, 13:04 this young man asked to post in a Facebook newsgroup Revolution/Euromaidan/The Right Sector that he is streaming a live broadcast of the SBU building in Sloviansk from his balcony.

Somehow, the location of this young man had been detected, seven man in masks and wearing a green military uniform had charged into his apartment, confiscated the tablet from which the broadcast was being streamed, a phone, two system blocks (his, and his fathers), and demanded that he got dressed and came with them. This lad was trying to resist, but he was still taken to Sloviansk SBU building, where he is still located. They do not even allow his parents to see him. His captors claim that they do not beat the boy, feed him, and even allow him to take walks (under guard) during evenings. The boy has caught a cold as a result of being in the in the basement for a long time, although he did not wish to admit to it. One time Artem was allowed to talk to his mother on the phone, and after hearing his voice she understood that her son has a cold. Continue reading

Three Ukrainian SBU officers captured and held by terrorists

In Horlivka, in the Donetsk oblast, fighters captured three Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) officers from Kyiv.

Representatives of the separatists told journalists that the assignment of the detained services personnel was to scout out and capture Ihor Bezler, one of the Donetsk self-defence leaders, reported the Inter-Tass News service. Continue reading