Fakes of Russian propaganda – 2

Radio Svoboda continues to survey how Russian media and individual social media users manipulate the public opinion by pretending that photographs and footage from various places all over the globe come from the Ukrainian events. The compilation was prepared by Ihor Losyk.  Continue reading


Let The World Know The Truth About Ukrainian Election Rally 2014

10252180_537062129744788_5675998115586268337_nDear citizens and guests of Ukraine! You have a unique opportunity to let the world know the truth about the historical Ukrainian 2014 elections.

From now on and for the next 4 days of the presidential election rally in Ukraine you can become an international news journalist and spread information around the globe for more than 250 international TV channels worldwide.

Just use your Smartphone or Tablet to capture unique materials and create your News Package about the election rally all over Ukraine with footage about agitation, hidden advertising, bribery, forgery, violations, fights, sabotage, voting breakdowns, etc.  Continue reading

How Russian propaganda uses Facebook


The so-called Odesa doctor Igor Rozovsky

By Maksym Savanevskyy

Ukrainian authorities are ignoring the Internet as one of the most important weapons of war. Unfortunately, Russia, which has been conducting an open war against Ukraine for three months now, is working in this field professionally. It is investing considerable resources to conduct propaganda in the social networks.

The most recent example is the distribution today of the pseudo testimony of an alleged doctor from Odesa, a certain Igor Rozovsky, who reports that as he was trying to assist victims from the trade union building in Odesa, militants prevented him from saving the life of a wounded victim and supposedly told him that he and other Jews of Odesa would soon share the same fate. Continue reading

Hashtag ‘Yarosh’s business card’ blows the internet away

Joker, the main villain of the American blockbuster “Dark Knight”, has also hidden Yarosh’s business card in his pocket. Photo: vital_crusader / Twitter

On April 20, the hashtag #ВизиткаЯроша [Yarosh’s business card] set new records, becoming the most popular request of Russian and Ukrainian social network users. Internet users have ridiculed the Russian media’s claims that on Easter night Right Sector militants attacked a checkpoint in Sloviansk.

The Russian media report alleged that inside “the cars of pro-Russian citizens of Sloviansk burned by the militants,” in addition to guns and dollars, business cards of Right Sector leader and presidential candidate Dmytro Yarosh were found.  Continue reading