Radioactive substance seized by Ukraine’s security service


The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained 9 individuals in the Chernivtsi Oblast who had in their possession a radiation emitting substance they suspect to be uranium-235, weighing almost 1.5 kg., reports the press service of the Security Service, May 5. Continue reading

Interregional Council of Territorial Communities of Southeast Ukraine created in Dnipropetrovsk

A new coordination structure was created in Dnipropetrovsk on May 1: the Interregional Council of Territorial Communities of Southeast Ukraine. This was reported by the press office of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration and conveyed to UNN.

The new coordinating council was created for immediate stabilization of the situation on the territory of southeast Ukraine. Continue reading

Putin’s Plan: Civil War in Ukraine


Vadym Denysenko

Kyiv is not in control of the Donbas. It is not controlled by Akhmetov or anybody else in Ukraine. Today Donbas is controlled once again by Yanukovych or, more accurately, by Russian intelligence services through people who have always been and continue to remain in Yanukovych’s circle. Within the next two weeks, they need to clean out the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Every city council, every district council, and then the oblast councils will make decisions on referendums, language, etc. In addition, they will decide to create an “army of the southeast,” which will be armed and which will be given the assignment to protect the Russian-speaking population of the southeast. In other words, a month before the presidential elections, Kyiv will not be in control of almost 7 million citizens of Ukraine.

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