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EuromaidanPR is a public initiative that, in line with the spirit of Maidan, provides truthful, reliable and accurate information on developments in Ukraine.

Starting from January 12, 2014, the originally Euromaidan Kyiv-based and currently international volunteer team of EuromaidanPR (Euromaidan Public Responsibillity) has been working 24/7 to provide you with reliable and accurate information on events in Ukraine on our web, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram accounts.

After 4 months we have registered as an organisation to become a stronger team that will develop and continue to provide you with true, in-time news about Ukraine and will contribute to new initiatives for Ukraine’s socio-economic growth.

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Laughter Through Tears

So many times in the last few months, there have been calls for a general strike: no one goes to work as another way of making the protest felt by the government.

But hardworking Kyivans didn’t announce a strike, instead managing to fit in both a full work day and saving the world at Maidan.

And so now the government, by shutting down the metro in the Ukrainian capital with a population of three million, is itself ensuring that the general strike does happen. Because, excuse me, Mr. Big walked home on foot from Sevastopolska Square to Heroiv Dnipra. Six hours. At least it was above freezing and the snow had melted.

Laughter Through Tears Image

The city was completely jammed with traffic and taxis simply turned down callers, or only responded to curbside hails for completely insane prices. The government said that it won’t resume metro services “while there are riots in the city.” Continue reading

Jennifer Carroll (University of Washington) – Dinge, die heute abend auf dem Maidan passiert sind:

19.2.2014 ~22:48 (Kyiv)

Fotos und Quelle:


– Das Rathaus ist überfüllt mit Menschen (darunter einige Geistliche), die Essen und medizinischen Nachschub vorbeibringen

– eine Frau mittleren Alters, die unsere Essensspenden entgegen nahm, gab uns ein großes Paket gefüllt mit Päckchen aus schwarzem Pfeffer und Piment. Sie sagte (bellte vielmehr): “Dewuschka! Wenn du in diese Richtung gehst, siehst du eine Gruppe Männer, die Molotow-Cocktails vorbereiten. Du musst ihnen das vorbeibringen.” Continue reading

Georgian athletes dedicate their medals to Ukrainians at Euromaidan

To all Ukrainian patriots,

The Georgian National Federation Martial Arts team has devoted its third place [medals] in the World Cup final tournament on December 2013 to all Ukrainians at Euromaidan.

“We are with you! We will win!

Our dear Ukrainians, do not give up! Today you are fighting for our freedom as well!

Do not let a beast break you! You are the last line of defense!

Glory to Ukraine!

Georgia is with you!”

Mamuka Mamulashvili, President of the Federation


Translated by Liuda Lompas

Edited by Lesia Stangret

We are not extremists! Open letter of the Ukrainian scholars, scientists, artists, doctors, lawyers, pedagogues and journalists to their fellow citizens and to the international community.

In the past several days, the protests of Ukrainians against the policies of the Ukrainian government have taken on a new quality. The peaceful demonstrations turned into a forceful confrontation between the protesters and the police. For the past six days, in the government quarter at the heart of Kyiv, on Hrushevskyi Street, genuine battles between the demonstrators and the police have been going on, with hundreds of wounded and several deaths.

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