Briefing of a former deputy head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev

Euromaidan Wache Berlin

Mustafa Dzhemilev March 5, 2014. Main theses:

– If we maintain resistance only with our own forces it would lead to many victims, to large-scale losses. In this conflict in Crimea it is essential for us to get support from the international community.
– As the days go by it is getting harder to restrain the fellow Crimean Tatars from being involved in the conflict.
– We fear that the Crimean Tatars will suffer from this occupation regime the most.

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The main editor and broadcaster of the channel TVi Vitaly Portnikov expressed his concerns about Russians carrying out ethnic cleansing of Crimean Tatars.

safe_image“Today I told the Canadian foreign minister John Baird something that shouldn’t be hidden from the public. Crimea can be kept under the heel of a puppet government of autonomy and its Moscow patrons only in the case of rights violations indigenous people of Crimea or even ethnic cleansing against Crimean Tatars. This people is in danger and the whole international community must stand up for it, not only Ukraine and Turkey.” Continue reading

A brief history lesson…

Voices of Ukraine

Surely most of you have heard by now that Crimea was a ‘generous gift’ to Ukraine made by Soviet government of the time. And although Crimea is one of the most beautiful corneners of the world (seriously, when this madness is over, you should check it out), it was in pretty bad shape when the peninsula was given over to Ukraine. One of the reasons was:


Since then Tatars were welcomed back to Crimea. And yes, we had and still have our difficulties and differences, but it’s nothing we can’t handle between ourselves. Why otherwise would the absolute majority of Tatars express their support for Crimea staying a part of Ukraine?! Probably because they recognise that ‘crazy nationalists’ in Ukraine will take better care of the community of Tatars than Russian government could ever do, especially considering the past encounters… (Yes, yes, I know, modern Russia isn’t the same as…

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The Crimean Tatar diaspora seeks help from Turkey

sshot-1Representatives of the Crimean Tatar diaspora in Turkey are undertaking a mass appeal to the government of their country to guarantee the safety of the Crimean Tatars living in Crimea.

One of the leading organizations of the Crimean Tatar diaspora in Turkey, the Federation of Crimean Associations (KIDF), issued a statement warning that “internal and external forces are attempting to divide Ukraine,” reported Espreso.TV on February 27, citing the Turkish news source 15 Minutes. Continue reading

About what’s going on in Crimea…

Voices of Ukraine

Simferopol, Crimea: 15,000 Tatars in Crimea are rallying for the country’s unity, there have been some clashes with the pro-Russian protesters who appeared at noon (the Tatars started at 11 a.m.), now the parliament of Crimea states they have no plans to separate from Ukraine.

Many Crimean Tatars stood alongside Ukrainian protesters in Kiev's Independence Square. Many Crimean Tatars stood alongside Ukrainian protesters in Kiev’s Independence Square.

The question asked by many of you is:

If the majority of the people of Crimea want to join Russia (and I don’t know if that is true or not): why should Crimea not leave Ukraine and join Russia?

Here, one of our frequent readers, Israel Vlad, gives a competent and encompassing answer which we share with you:

Israel Vlad – For the simple reason that:
1) It’s not the majority.

2) The Russians or pro-Russians who exist there came from Russia as part of the long, vast Russian program of populating the Crimea as…

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