Hennadiy Moskal named the parties responsible for the attacks on Maidan from the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Feb 19, 15:19

Hennadiy Hennadiyovych Moskal, Ukrainian politician, lawyer, MP, Lieutenant-general of police, and Batkivshchyna party member, named the parties responsible for the attacks on Maidan from the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Security Service (SUB) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) implemented two special operations at Maidan on Tuesday, 18 February, which were launched by Acting Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko and Deputy Head of the Security Service Vladimir Totskiy.

According to Moskal’s press service, this was reported by the chairman of the Parliamentary Provisional Investigatory Commission on the Actions of Security Forces.

According to Moskal, the purpose of Tuesday’s operations–Surge by the MIA and Boomerang by the SUB–was to clean up Maidan, Ukrainian House, the House of Trade Unions, and the October Palace. Continue reading


Video Proof that Government Snipers Killed More Than 15 Persons in Three Hours

February 20, 2014, 1:48 PM.

(The video is for audiences aged 18 and older)

Elise.com.ua is hosting video proof that on Thursday, 20 February, during the exit of law enforcement troops from Instytutska Street, government snipers were shooting at people in Maidan. This can be seen in videos shot by journalist Ihor Zakharchenko and originally posted by Radio Svoboda.

Today at around 9 AM, activists retook positions that were lost on 18 February. Dozens of protesters perished in the clashes.

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At least 11 dead bodies on Maidan this morning

Thursday, February 20, 2014, 14:01

As of 11:51, at least 11 people have been killed on Independence Square (Maidan). The dead bodies are being accumulated in front of McDonald’s on Khreshchatyk. Self-defence people  say snipers are entrenched on the rooftops along Kostyolna St. “Just now we witnessed how yet another man and a nurse have been shot on the neck,” they said. Continue reading

Right Sector and Selfdefense State Ceasefire Demands

Thursday, February 20, 2014, 13:26

Right Sector claims that it will make every effort to stop the bloodshed if the powers of Yanukovych are limited and there is a cease-fire by the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA). The joint statement with the Maidan Self-defense group was released on the FaceBook page of Dmytro Yarosh.

“If there is a ceasefire on the part of the occupying divisions of the MIA and an immediate abolition by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the dictatorial powers of Yanukovych, we will make every effort to stop the bloodshed and ensure overall safety,” the statement read.

It was signed by the leader of Right Sector, Dmytro Yarosh and for the Leaders of the Maidan Self-Defense organization, National Deputy Andriy Parubiy.

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Human Rights Commission Condemns Illegal State of Emergency

February 19

Measures taken by the Ukrainian authorities are equivalent to the illegal implementation of a state of emergency in the capital, Kyiv, the Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations in Ukraine has concluded.

According to representatives of the Commission to Investigate Human Rights Violations in Ukraine, the primary responsibility for escalating instances of human rights violations, murder, grievous bodily harm, torture, persecution on political grounds, and other crimes against humanity falls on the President of Ukraine, his associates, and the heads of Ukraine’s security agencies. The representatives demanded that the government cease the unlawful use of force against the protesters. Continue reading

Army Chief Replaced: Why?

Anatoliy Hrytsenko, Facebook

I know the Chief of General Staff, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces General Volodymyr Zaman, very well. This officer would never agree to transform soldiers and paratroopers into police who, instead of protecting the nation against external enemies, protect the government against its own people. Therefore, General Zaman is no longer in command of the Armed Forces. The “new” military objectives require a very different “military commander.” Continue reading

Young woman from Kyiv hit by grenade explosion: “Not for one second did I feel any fear.”

Ekaterina Bolshakova said on her Facebook page that yesterday, 18 February, she was injured by a grenade thrown by the police force special unit known as Berkut.

“I knew where I was going, and WHY I was going there, and what would happen there. In fact, last night in the studio in my thoughts I said goodbye to all and gained closure with all my misunderstandings and condemnations. The grenade hit me in the back when the retreat began. I was almost the last one to get out–I was helping a 75-year-old woman get away from Instytutska Street. I had a quality canvas backpack with all of the reinforcements and spacers on my back. The only things that remained from it were a shoulder strap and a burned bottom. If I had not been wearing it, it would have been me that burned instead. Continue reading

Buses from Lviv reached Maidan. Rescuers left the building of Trade Unions.

According to a journalist from “Ukrainiska Pravda”, the first buses from Lviv reached Maidan. People on Khreschatyk met them with ovations. Earlier in the night several other micro-buses from Lviv arrived to Kyiv. According to the people, who arrived, many others from Lviv are going to Kyiv.

Besides this, activists informed that at 6 AM the road Boyarka-Kyiv at Petriv’ske village was blocked by 2 trucks, and road police let cars to go through one by one. It is quite possible that the same situation may occur on other roads. At the same time people on Maidan were greeting a new day with songs and the national anthem.

At 6:00 rescuers had to leave the building of Trade Union, since there the fourth and fifth floors were destroyed by fire, informs DSNS: “ By 6AM (GMT+2) 30 people have been rescued from floors 3-9 of the building…. Currently 20 units of general as well as special fire extinguishing machinery together with 100 people are working there”

Rescuers also noted that to extinguish the fire more efficiently several machines were re-dislocated from Mykhailvs’ka Street to Khreschatyk.

Source Pravda.com.ua

Yanukovych addresses the nation, blaming opposition

Dear fellow citizens!

Together we have faced many challenges. But the one that we are facing today is perhaps the most difficult of them all. There has been a disaster. People have died. And that is tremendously painful and tragic for each of us. But we must endure and overcome this together.

From the very beginning of this confrontation, I have called for dialogue, being categorically opposed to solutions involving force, particularly bloodshed. That is my guiding principle – that no power is worth shedding even a single drop of blood. This is the very principle that guided me in 2004, when I stopped my supporters from clashing with those of my opponent. That is why, even in today’s conflict, I was betting on dialogue. Because God gave people the ability to speak so that they could understand each other. Continue reading