Joint Statement by Ukrainian Euromaidans in support of hostages taken by the government

On February 9, 2014, 23 Maidans across the country adopted a statement in support of the hostages taken by the government. This was the first coordinated action by all of the Maidans.

Statement by the Ukrainian Euromaidans

Today hundreds of our friends, relatives, and loved ones are being kidnapped and held hostage by the government.  They are being grabbed at home, on the streets, and even in hospital wards. They are beaten, tortured and humiliated, even if they’re wounded. They are being held in prisons, garages, and cellars or placed under house arrest. They’re being intimidated by verdicts in the courts as well as physical threats. And yet, [the government] is cynically offering to exchange their freedom for our obedience. Continue reading

Responsibility for acts of revenge in Kyiv will be assigned to a mythical group of radicalized Kyivans “The Red Sector”


Responsibility for acts of terror that have been committed in Kyiv will be placed on a mythical group of radicalized Kyivans called the “Red Sector”. The extremist group, the “Red Sector” took responsibility for the arson of dozens of cars in Kyiv (those which had license plates identifying that they were from Lviv). They claim to be an organization that stands against the “extremists and fascists that have sullied Kyiv.” Continue reading

Automaidan and the Berkut circus – the deception continues

The Ministry of Internal Affairs claims that Automaidan activists pursued and attacked Berkut troops. The ministry said that Automaidan activists had attacked Berkut in Kyiv on the night of January 23, and as a result, MIA workers detained around 20 “attackers”.

“Several cars began to pursue three buses with employees of Special Forces called “Berkut” on Kripostny Lane in Kyiv on January 23”, a report on the MIA website reads.

“The offenders blocked the movement of official vehicles and started to brutally vandalize the vehicles, striking them with baseball bats and attacking the militia officers,” said the report. According to Berkut, “the offenders threw stones at the officers, resulting in one Berkut officer suffering from a broken leg.”

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