Sloviansk separatists announce a hunt for people who speak Ukrainian

Sloviansk separatists announce a hunt for people who speak Ukrainian, said the leader of the separatists Vyacheslav Ponomarev.

He asked local residents to report to “the people’s formation” on any suspicious individual in the city, “especially those who speak the Ukrainian language,” according to a correspondent of “Ukrainska Pravda” on location in Sloviansk. Continue reading

Russian terrorist-saboteur numbers grow in Donetsk Oblast

The number of Russian terrorist-saboteurs in Donetsk Oblast is steadily growing, says territory is growing on, Interfax Ukraine reports Vasyl Krutov, the leader of SBU Anti-Terrorist Center as saying.

“On Sunday, there were 150 so-called ‘green men’ [unmarked Russian military]; on Monday there were 300 more them,” said Krutov at a briefing in the military air base the night of April 15. “I’m not telling how much it was before. How many there will be tomorrow is anybody’s guess. For a professional, crossing our border is as easy as going to the movies for you and me.”

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Separatists in Sloviansk Seize Airfield and Appeal to Putin

Ukrainska Pravda, April 14, 2014, 16:04Viacheslav Ponomariov, leader of the so-called people’s guard, addressed Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, with a request to intervene in the situation in Donbas. As RIA Novosti reports, Ponomariov made this appeal on Monday at a special press conference in the city administration building.  Continue reading

Not Terrorists!

Voices of Ukraine

Not Terrorists!


Halya Coynash


The elderly lady in the photo above was seen by a EuroMaidan Civic Sector activist coming up to a young girl collecting money for Maidan.  In tears, she pulled out 500 or 600 hryvnya, a huge amount for most Ukrainian pensioners.  “Will this definitely be for those who have been hurt?” she asked.

Her hands were shaking so much that she couldn’t get the notes into the collection box, and asked the young girl to help.  Sobbing, she hugged the girl and wished all health and peace.

At this terrible time, it is hard to write the words without tears.

Impossible without gratitude.

As for those throughout Tuesday night who stood on Maidan, joining in singing the words of the Ukrainian national anthem “Ukraine has not yet perished”

Those priests and other religious figures who led the crowd in prayer

Those who stayed…

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