Mykola Kapliy, General of Police: “I give three days to those in power.”

General of Police Mykola Kapliy, former head of the Interior Ministry in Cherkasy Oblast and Acting Chief of the Oblast Security Service of Ukraine, has stated that he will give the government and law enforcement bodies three days to reduce hostilities towards one another in the oblast. Otherwise, he states that will lead more than 10,000 people to the street–Afghanistan veterans, Chernobyl liquidators, soldiers, and former and current police officers.

“While I was abroad, several assaults of the Cherkasy Oblast branch of the State Department occurred. Upon my return, I learned that these events were, in fact, contrived provocations. Militia officers disclosed the whole scenario to me. In fact, honest people were framed by the provocateurs. I called General Lipandin, Cherkasy Police Chief, and offered to meet; he was outright rude, but I lost my temper as well. Therefore I gave Valeriy Chernyak, the Head of the Oblast Council, three days to arrange a meeting with Lipandin in order to discuss these matters face-to-face. I know the name of the person in the government who organized the assault. The same scenario was carried out in Donetsk, where the government staged an attack led by eurointegrators at a peaceful meeting. In reality, it was a fighting between two well-organized groups of titushkiy [hired thugs named after Vadym Titushko]. In Cherkasy, one group was located within the State Department building while a second group attacked from outside. Lipandin must be stopped and the illegal arrests must be put to an end. Of course, all political prisoners in Cherkasy must be released.
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Titushkas advance on Maidan barricades today…

Voices of Ukraine

Several hundred ‘titushkis’ advance on protester barricades in Kyiv, but then retreat

 Feb. 8, 2014, 2:18 p.m. |  Kyiv Post

EuroMaidan self-defense groups march through central Kyiv on Feb. 8, after they repelled a potentional attack by a group of people, allegedly pro-government thugs, who advanced on barricades near the protester-occupied Kyiv City Hall.
© Pavlo Podufalov

EuroMaidan self-defense groups say they repelled a potential attack by a group of up to 2,000 people who advanced on barricades near the protester-occupied Kyiv City Hall about noon, but then hastily retreated after a strong show of force from the anti-government demonstrators.

A Kyiv Post journalist on the scene reported that at least 200 of the suspected “titushki,” the slang term for government-hired thugs, retreated by 1:30 p.m. to the Lva Tolstoho metro station and congregated near the McDonald’s restaurant near the metro entrance. The group was not armed…

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“Titushki” enter L’viv to liberate Oblast admin building

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 17:31

Several dozens of young men of athletic appearance have arrived in L’viv to let the employees of the Oblastl State Administration into their offices. This is how the young men explained their presence at Vynnychenka St. 18, ZAXID.NET reports.

Around 14:30 a “Neoplan” bus with Czech license plates arrived at Vynnychenka St. 18 packed with the young men. A man named Robert introduced himself as the leader of the young people. He said that he and his people had come in order to enable the employees of L’viv Oblast State Administration perform their work. Continue reading

Vadym Titushko expresses his support to the people of EuroMaidan

On May 18, 2013, Vadym attacked the journalists of TV Channel 5 during the protests. He wore a tracksuit and was paid for beating the representative of mass media. Later Vadym got the suspended sentence for the attack on journalists he committed. His surname has already become a common name as the governmental thugs controlled by the security forces are now called “titushky”.

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Governmental and criminal terror in Dnipropetrivsk on January 26.

Common people in Dnipropetrovsk are being terrorized by the police and criminals
It began when so-called “titushki”, hired goons obviously protected by state police forces, inflamed a bloody, violent fight with protesters and journalists in Dnipropetrovsk on January 26. But that’s not the end of the story.
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Football ultras unite to defend civilian population

ultrasWhile the world was dazzled by flaring images of Ukraine’s central square, something far more unusual has been happening in the shadows (text and references prepared for interested international media).
A popular saying among protesters on Ukraine’s flaring main square these days is that to many people it actually feels the least dangerous place compared to other streets in the country. While grenades distract cameras, most attacks on the civilian population last week in fact took place on the quite streets of Kiev and in smaller demonstrations in other cities. The perpetrators, freshly labelled as “Titushkas”, are a new and bizarre type: organised groups of muscley young men, looking rather desperate and lumpenised, who admit to have been hired for about 20 Euro a day and equipped to smash cars, windows and people involved in the protests. The fact that police routinely observes “Titushka” attacks without intervening makes most people think that authorities are behind the organisation of these gangs. [Video attached: Police officer covers up one of the titushka helping him to hide his knife]. Continue reading

The night and day of January 21st, 2014.

Photo by Roman Chornomaz

“Titushka” safari, priests in the no-mans-land, kidnapped activists and more

Hrushevskogo battleground
21.01.2014 03:25  _ Roman  Chornomaz: “The police are pressed back behind the buses. Apart from grenades, the berkuters throw rocks, chunks of ice, and Molotov Cocktails.” Apart from that, the police were using projectors to blind the protesters, shoots at journalists of ПТС channel,, channel “5” . Mykhailivsky monastery is tolling its bells once again. The police start shooting with metal bullets. Continue reading