About gas as a solution for the problem with Russia

While the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia, who is acting on the territory of our country through its mercenaries, continues in the East of Ukraine, the leadership of the EU, and the leaders of European countries, prefer to pretend as if nothing extraordinary is happening.

Nobody mentions the virtual third package of sanctions in Europe, and if they do, it is with some unwillingness and laziness. Europe does not wish to intervene in the conflict with Russia, caring exclusively for its own economical and political benefits, as the implementation of the third sanction package against the Russian Federation may negatively influence the EU’s shaky economy, which, on its part, will increase unemployment and escalate the socio-economical situation.  Continue reading


Gazprom will not re-examine the contract with Ukraine – expert

A temporary ceasefire and the calculation of the price until the end of 2015, at most, can become a compromise in the gas talks between Ukraine and Russia. This opinion was stated in an interview to Radio Svoboda by an expert in questions of fuel Yuriy Korolchuk. According to him, this price will be no lower than 370 USD per thousand cubic metres. Russian Gazprom is unlikely to agree to a change of contracts until 2019, when their term runs out. 
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