Attack near UA Embassy in Moscow: Ekaterina Moldon

We are in the police bus, got taken for no reason under the pretext that we are ‘provoking’ someone – apparently for a Ukrainian scarf, badges and a wreath on Iryna Kalmykova. I have laid flowers before this and they did not detain us for that; people are allowed to come to the Embassy only individually. They destroyed the poster of a man in front of us who was asking forgiveness from Ukraine for Putin; his forehead was bloody. Apparently the provocateur tore the elderly man’s forehead with a piece of broken poster! There are 6 of us in the police bus: Iryna Kalmykova, Lesya Malakyan, Olha Horlova, Anastasia Fazulina, Vera Sveshnikova-Vaskovich and I. We have called the embassy of Ukraine and complained about unprecedented attack on us for no reason. We haven’t been able to reach the police info desk yet, help!!! Continue reading